Case Study : How a local clinic get 175.51% more patients with PPC ads

Would you like to get more patients with Google Ads? Today I want to share with you a case study on how my team helps a local clinic get 175.51% more patients with PPC ads


This dental client was heavily investing in Google Ads to generate leads for their practice. Their main focus was getting non-branded conversions for their general dentistry practice and also got high-value patients needing implants.


An increasing number of leads with some high-value leads in the mix.


  • Auditing existing google Ad account to identify ad spend waste, keywords, search terms, ad copies, and bidding strategy. 
  • Rebuild the general dentistry campaign with more relevant ad copies with enticing CTA to achieve higher CTR.
  • Creating a call-only campaign strategy to generate more phone calls for their practice.
  • Building implants and all in 4 campaigns to generate them high-value leads ( They charge around $17,000 for all in 4 treatments).
  • Adding an extensive list of negative keywords as the CPC was very high, and we couldn’t afford irrelevant clicks wasting our ad budget.
  • Extension testing to identify best-performing extensions.


Q4 YOY results

  • 175.51% increase in conversions (135 vs. 49)
  • 64.62% reduced cost per acquisition ($39.81 vs. 112..52)
  • 187.04% Increase in conversion rate (26.89% vs 9.37%)
  • 127.25% increase in account CTR ( 3.82% vs 1.68%)

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