Dental Direct Marketing – How Does It Work     

Today’s marketing landscape has seen drastic changes through the years and so have the strategies for dental direct marketing and advertising. While traditional dental marketing techniques remain effective, a dental practice will never be able to grow with no proper digital advertising and marketing plan in place.

Modern dental direct marketing is all about the use of digital methods including social media marketing and local SEO and refining old and traditional advertising tactics. With the use of social media, online tools and platforms, and several freshly optimized conventional techniques, modern dental direct marketing gives your practice the chance to reach out to a bigger audience, establishing long-term relationships, and capture the attention of people who need your dental services the most.

Modern Dental Direct Marketing and Its Components

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Digital marketing and modern dental direct marketing are almost synonymous. Similar to digital marketing, you need a multi-channel approach for your dental marketing to be successful. Despite the continuous evolution of dental marketing, the following are some of its prime components, all of which play their own respective important roles.

  • Content Marketing

One of the best ways of showcasing your expertise is to create quality content and share it on the website of your dental practice. This is also an important aspect of dental SEO that can help your website have a higher Google rank to increase its chances to be found by people in need. Quality content-marketing will lead to organic traffic growth that will help cut back your paid campaign expenses.

  • Dental Practice Website

A website serves as the cornerstone of all modern practices. This gives you the best place to offer information about your services, host content, and send all the right signals to Google for the purpose of dental SEO.

Your dental practice website also plays a big role in your local SEO efforts. Having details about your local practice on your website combined with the right copy increases the chances for your practice to show up when people look for specific terms.

  • Google My Business Listing

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If you want to be found locally, a GMB or Google My Business listing is a must. This will ensure that the phone number, address, and additional information about your practice are all readily available and accurate. The listing makes it easier for people to review your practice as well.

Every time people look for local dentists, your practice, as well as your competitors, will show up together with their rating in Google that makes this signal very important.

  • Social Media

The development and maintenance of social media pages, particularly a Facebook page, let your practice stay in constant contact with both potential and current patients. The messenger feature lets you answer questions, a good bonus for those patients looking around several practices.

A Facebook page will also give your patients a quick and easy way to leave their reviews, a great signal for people who find it hard to decide on a new dentist to choose.

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