Dental Facebook Marketing – How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the most used platform all over the world. By creating a Facebook page to showcase your dental services can help in getting more patients.

Facebook page optimization is as necessary as you do SEO and create PPC ads to promote the business.

If you use write keywords in the About and History section, you can rank your Facebook page on google.

Want to know more?

Facebook page optimization needs proper knowledge to select the right option, and this needs time.

But do not worry; this article will tell you the best optimization tips that save your time and do not need any experience.

So, let’s start the discussion!

Tips To Optimize Your Dental Facebook Marketing Page:

Dental Facebook Marketing

Following are the tips that will help you to optimize the Facebook page. Follow the process step to step to avoid any optimization error.

1. Change The Display And Timeline Cover Image:

The DP of your Facebook page should be of a doctor or a logo of your dental business. The dimensions for display pictures are 720px or 960px. Similarly, the cover image should match the brand.

It could be the header image of the website, a banner, flyer, or the image of your patient testimonials. The cover photo dimensions should be 852 x 315px.

You can also use the promotion video as a Facebook cover if you want. Do not just upload the cover photo and forget it. Change it occasionally to display your multiple services and offers.

With the help of SEO, you can also use location and brand name in the logo, cover, and video files to attract patients.

2. Add Your Practice Information:

To tell patients about your experience, it is necessary that you carefully enter your

  • Name.
  • Work Location.
  • Address.
  • Website.
  • Phone Number.
  • Business Hours.
  • Multiple Contact Options.

To edit the information, you can easily navigate to the About section on Facebook. Then, click on Edt Page Info if you feel any mistake. Correct the error and save the information.

Keep the business hours section updated as they get changed due to multiple reasons. Being a dentist, you must do multiple practices.

If you upload these details on your Facebook page, visitors will find it easy to navigate the one they want.

If you have more than one work branch, then each should have a different Facebook page so that you can easily do the promotions.

You should use the Facebook ads option to showcase your services and workplace.

Facebook ads will help you promote all the pages you have and gather information about the visitors. By having this data, you can easily determine what patients expect from dentists.

You can use this data as useful information and provide exactly what the visitors want to come to your workplace and take your services.

You can also make different strategies to attract patients by updating your

  • Practice Business Structure.
  • Working Hours.
  • Goals and Target audience.
  • Specialties.
  • Associates.
  • Location.

3. Post Engaging Content:

Post Engaging Content

The engagement of the page increase when you post content daily. The quality of your posts decides the engagement of the visitors. So try to upload creative content that people find interesting.

Here are some tips that help you to create engaging posts.

1. Write Concise Content:

People love to write content if it is clear and to the point. Because in this busy life, people do not have time to read lengthy paragraphs. Instead of reading the post, they just skip it to save their time.

Also, there is no need to add extra material that does not relate to your dental services and practice. Just write what is necessary for the post.

To promote the content,  you can also add keywords that are related to your dental practice so that more people can read it. In addition, the type and length of the content can vary according to the topic.

You can write about your services, offers, and special discounts. Moreover, if you want, you can post before and after videos too.

2. Add Graphics:

Images help to define the concept of your post. If you add the right images in the post, then without reading the content, people can understand what you want to say.

Use proper tools to edit images and do not compromise on the image quality. Keep the image quality high to make sure pixels do not get disturbed when viewers zoom in on the image.

Choose the right color scheme that attracts both youngsters and adults. Remember to avoid too much noise on the image. Keep the writing style understandable and bold. It will help to attract people’s attention.

3. Address Audience In Your Content:

Keep your tone informal and write for your targeted audience. For example, if you want to attract adults, write for their needs, problems, and solutions in your post.

So that they come to you for the best solution, but if you write for young people, it will not attract adults, and your efforts will not give you desired results.

4. Share Personal Experience:

Everyone loves listening to stories. So to keep your audience engaged, you can tell them your funny work experiences. In this way, you not only keep the audience engaged but also built trust in you.

If they feel hesitant to visit a doctor, then by communicating, they will feel confident. Concisely share stories so that more people can read them.

5. Choose A Right Format:

The right format will help your audience to navigate the content easily. For example, to keep your writing clear, it is better to use lists or bold the important information.

Instead of writing the paragraphs, you can just highlight the main points in a list. So that people can read in a short time. Remember to keep a proper distance between the words as it increases clarity.

4. Update General Information:

Here, we discuss the three major sections that define the purpose of your Facebook business page. Have a look at them and optimize them to get the targeted audience.

1. Select Right Categories:

There are many categories of Facebook business pages. By selecting the business-related categories, you can target the right audience. First, identify the type of dentistry services that you provide.

Choose at least three categories and save the information.

2. Update Your Story:

A Facebook business page section is located at the end of the cover photo on the right side. To edit this section, click on See more and select this section.

In this section, you basically write the history of your working life. This section has more space, and you should use your location and brand keywords here.

You can upload the description that you write on the Google My Business page because this data is optimized and has your dental practice listings.

Also, you can have an image in this section but make sure that it is different from your DP and cover photo.

You can use the promotional photos too. In case you do not add any photo, Facebook will automatically add the photo from your gallery.

3. About Section:

This is the section that gives you limited space to add more information about your Dental Facebook Marketing services. Unfortunately, you can only write 255 bytes data here. So use this space creatively.

Also, use your brand and location keywords between the content. Then, add those offers in this section that you will provide for a long time.

You can write a long description or short description paragraph as your information.

But make sure you optimize the content and add your business link here.

So that visitors can go to the original website and make appointments.

Be careful while writing the

  • Location.
  • Name.
  • Categories.
  • Working Hours.
  • About.

It will help people to get the right information, and they can navigate through the page easily.

5. Change Settings Of Facebook Business Page:

Change Settings Of Facebook Business Page

After optimizing the page information, it’s time to update the Facebook page settings in different ways.

On the upper right side of your screen, click on the Settings icon to update the page settings.

1. Page Verification:

You already know what how a verified page looked like. Yes, you are thinking right. It’s the blue tick with the page name.

You can increase your dental Facebook page’s credibility, authenticity, and visibility with the blue tick.

More people will open the page if it is verified. Because they know, from only a verified page, they can get accurate information without wasting time.

To make your page verified, click on the edit option of the page verification section. After you click, you will direct to verify by phone.

2. Visitors Post:

In this section, you can decide whether your followers can upload the post, image, review, and comment on your page or not.

If you want to get responses from your patients, then activate the option.

But if you want to get the reviews and posts, then disable the option. Before editing this section, remember that this is a social media platform, and communication here is two-way.

So, allow your followers to upload the content on your page. As a result, there is usually less spam on the dental Facebook marketing pages.

But still, if you receive irrelevant comments, then you can block these particular accounts.

3. Reviews Activation:

To optimize your dental marketing page, it is important to get reviews from more patients.

Follow these simple steps to active Facebook page reviews.

  • On the left side, under the General tab, click on the edit button of the reviews section.
  • Make sure the option “allow visitors to review this page”  is checked. If it is not checked, activate this option.
  • You can also disable this option, but it will not be a good step in optimizing the page.

Make sure to reply to almost every review. It will motivate the patients to write more good reviews about your services.

4. Audience Optimization For Posts

With post optimization, you can only target a specific or interested audience. To do so, target the audience that stays engaged with your content while uploading the content.

Also, you can restrict the people of specific age or location to see your posts.

5. Tagging Ability

You will allow your followers to tag posts and videos you publish on the page by enabling this feature. In addition, it helps in sharing the content.

By just taking people, other people can see the specific post and check your page if they want.

These are the default settings that Facebook automatically activates by seeing the popularity.

But it takes some time to go through every section of the page setting. That’s why it is considered better if you enable this feature manually.

6. Others Tagging This Page:

By activating these features, other people and business pages get the power to mention or tag your dental Facebook marketing page.

Facebook does not enable this feature automatically.

If you want to promote your content on a wide scale, enable this option and enjoy the free promotion people do for you by tagging.

7. More Facebook Page Settings:

Review the other settings on a page on both the left and right sections so that you can optimize them according to your dental Facebook marketing requirement.

If by mistake you enable the wrong option, then do not worry; you can disable it at the moment. After customizing all the settings, click on the Save button to store the changes.

6. Communication With Facebook Page:

Communication With Facebook Page

The main purpose of making a dental Facebook marketing page is to communicate with your patients.

Facebook is the most used platform; you can get many patients here with an optimized page.

You can communicate with the patients. You should have a Facebook messenger tool, correct template style, published dental services, and arranged page tabs.

By having all these things, you can increase the engagement of the Facebook page.

By searching on google, people will get the link to the Facebook page and read the reviews. So let’s discuss how you can optimize the Facebook communication tools.

1. Messenger Activation:

Facebook messenger works like the other chatting apps. By enabling messenger, you can effectively communicate with your patients and can get reviews.

To communicate with the patients you meet on Facebook, there is no need to go to the other platforms. Messenger is the internal chatting platform of Facebook.

You can handle people here but be quick to reply to the messages. So that patients can clear their queries related to your services.

It is best to know what they want and in return offer them your best services. You can also allow your patients to call you instead of giving them your phone number.

To activate the Facebook messenger, follow these steps:

  • Open Your Facebook Page.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Under the General section, select the Messages option.
  • Then click on the button that displays “Allow people to contact my Page privately by showing the message button.”

If you do not have a specific person to manage all your messenger communications on Facebook, then activate the feature Instant Replies.

It will tell people that you give fast responses. This helps in improving your overall rating.

By activating the messenger feature, do not think you will get hundreds of appointments with the people.

All this tool does is just enable your page to do communicate with people.

It just helps your page to get more people that have queries about your services or your workplace.

If they are interested, they will surely take an appointment and suggest their close ones visit you to solve their dental problems.

2. Choose A UserName:

Username is the unique identity of the dental Facebook marketing page. While creating the page, you can set the username that is related to your brand name.

So that people can search easily. A URL is also made with the page. But it is not very easy to memorize it as it contains special symbols with numbers.

But by having a name, you can customize the URL also. To make it easy for people to search your page.

Following are the things that you should remember while selecting a name for a dental Facebook marketing page.

  • Only Admin can edit the username.
  • There are no spaces and underscores between the name. But you can use the periods to separate words.
  • You can use capital letters to enhance readability, but it will not affect the people if you write in lowercase.
  • Use a maximum of 50 characters for a username.
  • The username should be 5 characters long a least.
  • Choose a different username if the one is taken that you want.
  • Your username should be according to the guidelines for custom usernames.

If you do not use the page username frequently, then due to inactivity, it will be removed.

3. Select Page Template:

Select Page Template

Dental Facebook’s marketing page is not just to showcase your practices. Take some time to select the appropriate template that allows your patients to navigate easily through the content.

There are multiple default templates that you can use. But they will not satisfy all of your requirements.

So you should customize the page templates according to your services.

Use the appropriate wording to write the optimized content. For example, you can add patient testimonials, reviews, and best services on the page to attract the audience.

Facebook provide you following templates to create the dental Facebook page:

  • Business.
  • Venues.
  • Services.
  • Movies.
  • Shopping.
  • Non-Profit.
  • Standard.
  • Politicians.
  • Video page.
  • Restaurants and Cafes.

For optimization of the page, consider the tabs option first as they control the movement of the page. You can have as many tabs as you want on the page.

To showcase your business in the best way, select the business template and then change it according to your dental services.

There are different options that you can use to customize tabs on Facebook.

Add a call to action button at the end of each page to navigate your audience. Do not just pass this step. Instead, take some time and learn about how these features work.  

So that you can showcase your services in the best way possible.

To change the template, read the following steps:

  • Then, click on the Settings button on your page.
  • In the left column, click the Edit Page.
  • Click Edit below templates.
  • Click the View Details button of the template you want to use (Here, you see the available tabs and CTA button).
  • After reviewing the tabs and button, click Apply Template.
  • Press OK.

By optimizing the page, people can like, Recommend, Save, and Follow your Facebook page.

4. Synchronize Page Tabs:

Changing the default template tabs will allow your patients to access more features, details, and services that you showcase on the page.

The tabs that you get by using Business Template are:

  • Home.
  • Reviews.
  • About.
  • Posts.
  • Jobs.
  • Videos.
  • Offers.
  • Photos.
  • Groups.
  • Community.

The service template gives some other tabs like:

  • Services.
  • Shops.
  • Events among all the business template tabs.

Take some time and review each tab so that you can customize them with your content.

You can put these tabs in order and can deactivate the some that you do not want.

By customizing the page tabs, you can prioritize the important data and make your page different from the other ones.

5. Add CTA Button:

CTA Button

Call to action buttons are necessary to use after setting the page tabs.

To edit the CTA button, hover the mouse over the call to action button under the bottom right corner of the page cover photo.

Here are some text options that you can display on the call to action button

  • Contact – Contact use, Send Message, Sign Up, Call Now, Send Email.
  • Book Now.
  • Shop now or see offers.
  • Use App or play the game.
  • Watch Video or learn more.

For dental Facebook marketing page book now and call now, CTA buttons will work.

You can either enter your phone number or the link to your official website to the call to action button. Click Finish, and that’s it.

6. Display Your Dental Services:

Under every template, you see the page tab called Services. In this tab, write all your dental services and offers that you provide.

Write each service with its description so that people can understand easily.

Make sure to write the brand and location keywords in the content to optimize it. For example, people interested in dental appointments search the relevant dental keywords to get the best doctor.

7. Merge Multiple Business Pages:

Merge Multiple Business

Through the dental Facebook marketing page, dentists deliver the correct information about their business and services.

But sometimes, google merge the information with other business pages that locates in the same location.

Due to this, by using your page information, people go to other unofficial pages. To make sure your information redirects you to the right page, you can make multiple Facebook searches.

Make it a part of your Facebook page, maintaining routine so that no one gets the benefit of your experience and services.

You can remove such issues by merging the unofficial business pages.

By doing this, you can control your brand completely. If another page occurs under your username, then you can claim it before you merge it. By using

  • Email.
  • Business license.
  • Utility Bill.
  • Incorporation Articles.
  • Business Tax file.
  • Verify through phone call.
  • Formation certificate.

You can close the unofficial page and gets your page under your username. However, the faster way that you can use to remove the unofficial page is by phone call.

By entering the verification code, you can merge the wrong page. Following are the steps that you can use to merge the unofficial pages.

  • Go to the unofficial page that you claimed.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Is this your business.”
  • Choose the “Merge into a verified page you manage” option.
  • From the drop-down menu, many select your page and submit.

After performing these steps, people will not go to the wrong pages.

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Wrapping It All Up!

That’s all, folks. These are the dental Facebook marketing page optimization steps. Follow all these steps so that there is no chance of any mistake.

Take some time from your dental practice and make an easy way for people to reach you by doing page optimization in the right way.

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