Dental Marketing Strategies During  Covid-19, How to Get More Patients Online?

Covid-19 first occur in Wuhan, the city of China. Unfortunately, people do not take this disease seriously until it takes the life of many people. Then, within 2 to 3 months, this virus spread all over the world.

It has taken many people’s life and stops many working organizations. People are restricted from leaving their homes. Even they can not stay close to their family members.

Due to this, many businesses face many losses. To compensate for these losses, people are working hard and try to earn more.

Want to know more?

During this pandemic, only freelancers continue their work and generate revenue to help people. Therefore, like other businesses, dentists should make dental marketing strategies during covid-19.

Because with the right strategies, they can not stand in the market. The important thing is that the Covid-19 is not gone completely.

For this, you need to take precautions and maintain a distance while treating your patients so that you and your patient do not get infected.

To get more patients during the covid period, we tell you some of the best strategies in this article. So without taking your precious time, let’s start the discussion.

So, Let’s Get Started,

Get a proper introduction of dental marketing during Covid-19 and the dental marketing strategies you can use during Covid-19

10 Best Dental Marketing Strategies During Covid-19:

Dental Marketing Strategies During Covid-19

Here are the best dental marketing strategies during covid-19. If you want to overcome your business losses, then follow these strategies. They help you to do the dental marketing during covid-19.

1. Do Marketing With Love:

When people hear about dental marketing during Covid-19, they only think the advertiser wants them to buy his services. The only word that surrounds in their mind is buying.

This is a normal attitude. But you can change this. In this crucial time, people need genuine help. So provide them your best services at a low rate.

This is what marketers called “Marketing with love.” For example, one of the best dental marketing strategies during covid-19 is to sell at a low price.

Keep the advertising tone soft and show sympathy towards people. So that they think you provide genuine services and come to you for treatment.

If you show love with your marketing, then you will get loyal patients. After taking your services, they will recommend your brand to their friends and family.

While making your dental marketing strategies during covid-19, consider the following things.

  • Think about the problems that your patients have
  • To know the feelings of your patients, put yourself in their shoes.
  • Identify the obstacles and barriers of your patients
  • Create trust-building and unique content

You might be wondering what type of content you should post?

This is a genuine question that every content creator thinks about. That’s why we give you the best answer to this question. Your published content must

  • Provide quality service
  • Be authentic
  • Be creative
  • Connect people

If you successfully connect with your patients, you can do dental marketing during Covid-19 easily.

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2. Engage With Your Viewers:

To avoid Covid-19, people are not allowed to leave their houses. They have to stay in their rooms and house all the time. Even for work and education purposes, they can not step out.

That’s why the only option for entertainment left is a mobile phone. This is the only device that they can carry with them all the time during Covid-19.

They use social media to spend their free time. You can benefit from this dental marketing during covid-19 if you do not have a social media account.

Then make public accounts on different social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is necessary to keep the account public.

Because with a private account, only a limited audience will see your content. Gather genuine information about the covid-19 and share it with the world.

You can post stories and posts to spread awareness. Follow other influencers and do live with them together. By doing this, you can increase your followers.

They can come easily to your page and can follow your content. Reply to the comments is also one of the best dental marketing strategies during covid-19.

With the reply in a comment, you can learn about the people’s requirements. Then, you can provide the best solutions in the comment section.

Moreover, you can switch this conversation to the chatbox and convince them to make an appointment. Just remember, the more you engage with people, the more patients will come.

3. Publish Blog Daily:

Publish Blog Daily

People get easily bored with the same type of content every day. For their knowledge, they need to see new content daily.

When you create your dental marketing strategies during covid-19, make sure to add creative content to them. Being a dentist, you can create thousands of blogs on dental marketing.

Choose one topic daily and explain it briefly. It will keep people engaged with your content. They will wait to read your blogs and share your information.

With dental health, you can also talk about the Covid-19 to educate people. Most people think Covid-19 is fake. You can consider it as your duty to tell them what the truth is.

To make your content informative, you can tell people how they can avoid this virus. Just make sure you post a blog daily.

Because in this way, you can create a relationship with your viewers. If you do not want to talk about covid-19, then it is okay.

There are many dentistry-related topics on which you can write blogs. For Example

  • How can you take care of your teeth?
  • What is the best method for flossing?
  • How to avoid cavities?

As a dentist, you have more knowledge about this. Try to copy content from other blogs because it will not impress the readers at all.

4. Run A Social Campaign:

Besides posting videos and pictures on social media. You can perform other activities to engage with the people. The most common things that people do on social media are

  • Live videos.
  • Ask me a question.
  • Giveaways.
  • Shoutouts.

Through live video, you can communicate with your patients directly. In a live video, only one person can show his face. At the same time, other people can communicate with a text message.

If someone wants to communicate through a video, then they can send a request. You should accept this live request as it will motivate other people to do so.

To increase your followers, start giving free shoutouts to those who like or comment on your post. You can also shout out to the people who run small businesses.

In this way, you can help these people to grow. This is because staying active on social media is considered the best dental marketing strategy during covid-19.

The next thing that you can do on social media is giving gifts. Run small competitions and give gifts to the people who put best efforts.

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5. Use SEO And PPC Ads:

To do dental marketing during covid-19, you should use the marketing tools like SEO and PPC ads. However, both are different tools and work differently.

With SEO, you can rank your main website on the google search result page. Google ranking algorithm considers more than 100 factors to rank a website.

Want to know the best part?

SEO takes care of all the factors that google considers. SEO focuses on the keywords that help people get relevant results when people query on the search bar.

Google first searches for the related keywords. The things on which SEO pay focuses are

  • Site Speed.
  • Keywords.
  • Site Architecture.
  • Content Quality and many more.

While the working of PPC ads is different, these are the paid ads that you use to promote the content. There are 6 different types of PPC ads.

According to your brand requirement, you can select the ad type. Then, the PPC ads appear on the page that has relevant content.

To make sure your ad appears on the right page, you should add the relevant keywords in the ad. But it is important to know that you have to pay for the keyword in the auction.

For making dental marketing strategies during covid-19, it is important to use both these tools because they help attract the audience through google.

6. Give Appointment Remainders:

Give Appointment Remainders!

In dental marketing during covid-19, it is important to give appointment reminders. However, due to social tension, people may forget about their dental appointment.

It is your responsibility to remind them. So that they can come and avail your services, first, make it easy for people to make appointments.

To do so, make a separate section for appointments on your website. Then, when people make an appointment, give them confirmation.

To give a reminder, use google calendar. Just click on the date and add an event, then save. That’s it. On the day, the remainder will ring like an alarm.

For efficient dental marketing strategies during covid-19. You can also set SMS and email reminders as well. It will help people to know the date of their dental appointment.

7. Use Google My Business:

GMB is the other best marketing tool. The main purpose of this tool is to add your business to Google maps. It also adds directions so that people can reach your workplace.

Use google maps; people will get a notification when they are near your place. As SEO and PPC are paid tools, this is also a paid tool.

Want to know more?

Google my business also allows you to update your information through a mini dashboard. By creating a business account, you will see a mini dashboard on your google page.

Through this dashboard, you can edit the information like

  • Working Hours.
  • Location.
  • Address.
  • Services.
  • Phone Number.

To do dental marketing during covid-19, it is important to keep the information updated to help people reach your brand easily.

8. Provide Virtual Consultations:

We all know that people can not leave their homes during covid-19. Because when they go out, the chances of getting a virus increase.

Switch to digital platforms like Zoom and Skype. To communicate with your patients.  Try to stay at a distance as far as possible.

Give proper consultation to the patients as you give physically. Get good quality devices so that your patients can view and hear you clearly.

Listen to their problems carefully and provide the best solutions. Make sure they do not have to come to your dental office. You can not handle multiple clients at the same time.

So educate your staff to communicate efficiently. Tell them to handle clients before the meeting. Make a proper schedule so that you can easily give time to all the clients.

9. Use Retargeting:

Use Retargeting

If you use marketing ads, then focus on PPC retargeting ads. This ad is included in the best dental marketing strategies during covid-19.

The main purpose of retargeting is to focus on the existing customers. Instead of targeting the new people, it gives offers to the existing patients.

They only target the people that show interest in your services. Then, when they visit the page, ads appear automatically. You do not get charged for the ad until the user clicks on it.

You will only pay money when someone clicks on the ad. With a simple click, the user is redirected to the appointment page. Therefore, there are more chances that the user will end up making an appointment.

10. Implement Convenient Communication Ways:

To stay in touch with your customers, it is important to use convenient communication ways. For dental marketing during covid-19, many communication apps are available.

Use the famous apps because they provide reliable communication with security. For example, when you send a message, your patient will get a notification.

Similarly, when your patient wants to contact you through a message or call. You will get a notification too. For this purpose, you can use Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

These are the secured apps as a third party can not read your messages. Do not rely on the website chat board because you will not get a notification when you receive a message.

This causes a long delay in communication. Due to which the patient will contact other dentists and take their services. For efficient dental marketing strategies, you should use convenient chat apps.

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Wrapping It All Up!!!

Follow these best dental marketing strategies during covid-19 if you want to attract new patients. For good dental marketing during covid-19, it is important to use tips and tricks.

Because they make your work easy and provide the best output, having new patients is necessary to improve your dental practice by treating them.

Remember that covid-19 has changed circumstances. With simple dental marketing strategies, you can not make progress.

So make sure you add the covid-19 factor to your dental marketing strategies.

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