4 Dental Marketing Ideas for July

If you’re like most dentists, you’re more concerned with providing dental services.  Thus, not concerned with developing a dental marketing strategy.

But how can you get new patients to come to your dental office?

There are numerous dental marketing techniques available. Both online and offline can help you expand your practice.

You can generate more attention by applying Dental Marketing Ideas for July. Also, attract new patients if you choose the proper one.

What are some ideas for promoting your dental practice in July? The most common dental marketing strategies and the best practices for executing them are discussed in this article.

Furthermore, this is the ideal time to introduce innovative solutions to your practice.

For July, Here are Four Dental Marketing Ideas:

Dental Marketing Ideas!

Participate in your community. Remain active and involved in your community through executing Dental Marketing Ideas for July. It is a great way to promote your dentistry practice.

Moreover, giving back is a terrific opportunity to go above and beyond regular dental care. Acquire the confidence and respect of the community.

It also ensures that your office is at the front of their mind when they require dental services.

Here are a few ideas for getting engaged in your neighborhood:

  • Support a small local sports team by becoming a sponsor.
  • Support local fundraising by donating (i.e., a bake sale, a fun run)
  • In your school district, hold a themed painting, essay, or poetry contest.
  • Offer primary schools instructional seminars or career presentations.
  • Volunteer in your community.
  • Start a referral program in your neighborhood.

1.Photo Props to Make You Smile:

Take photos of your patients.  Wearing smiling props and post them on social media. Take images of the crew smiling and having a good time throughout the month and post them on social media.

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2.Extended Summer Promotions:

A special promo deal valid till the end of the month can be a lifesaver if there are any gaps in the upcoming summer weeks’ appointment calendar. 

Although the possibilities are dependent on the details of your patient base.

Here are some broad suggestions:

  • Check-up and treatment plans are provided free of charge. In the coming week, you will receive new treatments as a result of this.
  • Teeth cleaning at a reduced price.
  • The reward for referring a friend.

So, try the Dental Marketing Ideas for July to have a better response.

3.Reminders for Continuing Care of Hygiene:

Reminders for Continuing Care of Hygiene

Summer is a beautiful time of year, but it can also be a hectic time. So we encourage you to remember to schedule your regular dental appointment.

Before the summer months pass you by, the importance of regular dental appointments to your general health shouldn’t be overstated.

4.Make a Funny Video With Your Team:

Don’t get scared to paint a different picture of yourself and your dental team. Summer is a season of happiness.

It’s the most fantastic time to incorporate humor into your social media videos. For many patients, dental treatment is a dreadful procedure.

Thus, a cheery movie might help them relax and schedule their next appointment.

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Wrapping It Up!

The dental care industry is built on a foundation of trust. Most people will only commit their oral health to someone they know. Personally or who has a solid reputation.

You have the opportunity to distinguish yourself apart from the others in the neighborhood with some planning, passion, and implementation of Dental Marketing Ideas for July.

Thus, you would be able to accept more new patients, outperform your current patients’ expectations. Moreover, experience less stress and have more fun as a team.

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