Dental Marketing Plans – How to Create the Right One for You

Dental Marketing Plans?

This question may have popped up in your mind. However, to help you find the answer to this question, we have written this article.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

As every business needs a plan to produce the desired output, dentistry also needs one.

Without a plan, you can not decide from where you can start to implement the marketing strategies.

To do dental marketing, there are multiple plans. But the effective plan is the one that works for you.

Take some time from your dental practice, and think about the strategies that you can use.

Want to know more?

Multiple factors need to be considered in a plan. As a dentist, you may not know all the critical points.

But you should worry about it because we are here to help you.

In this article, we will tell you the best dental marketing plan.

It will have all the good marketing strategies through which you can improve your dental practice. So let’s start the discussion.

What Is The Importance Of Dental Marketing?

Dental Marketing3

To improve the dental practice, you need the handle different patients with different dental problems. This is possible only when you have different patients every day.

It is not possible that you get new patients every day without doing any marketing because marketing helps spread your brand worldwide through digital media.

By using marketing strategies, you can improve your dental practice and treat new patients. But dental marketing is different from simple marketing.

Because you need to use the dental services-related keywords and specify the target audience, you can hire a marketing agency to handle the dental marketing work.

Having a marketing agency can be costly if you do not get the expected results. Unfortunately, some marketing companies do not do their work honestly and just take money from the clients.

So you have to do some research before hiring an agency. Also, you should have some marketing knowledge.

So that you can monitor the agency’s performance and analyze whether they are doing the right things or not.

To be honest, marketing is not the difficult task as most dentists say. All you have to do is to invest some time in learning the tricks and implementing the strategies.

Once you learn digital marketing, you can implement it better than marketing agencies.

How To Make A Good Digital Appearance?

Good Digital Appearance

To do digital marketing, you need to use digital platforms. By using the different online tools, you can make your digital appearance better.

For this purpose, nothing is better than a website.

There are multiple marketing tools for the optimization of websites.

But you need to consider the following things for a good digital appearance.

Consider A Reliable Content Management System:

The content management system manages the design process of the website. It allows you to make multiple changes to your website with zero knowledge about the code.

Many content management systems are available on google. But we recommend you to use WordPress. It is a free platform and provides the best services.

By using this platform, you can create, update, and manage your website without writing a single line of code.

To perform all these tasks, all you have to do is to drag and drop objects.

It has more than thousands of templates according to the business type. According to your dental marketing plan, you can use the suitable one and then make changes to it.

To add different functionalities to your website, you can install plugins. To handle the content, there are multiple plugins.

You have to pay for some plugins if you want to use them for a long time.

WordPress content management system provides complete security. You can upload your sensitive data in it without the fear of losing it.

Do Not Create A Mess:

The common mistake of most dentists is that they add too much information to their websites and upload unnecessary images. Unfortunately, this does not create a good image.

Actually, by adding extra information, it becomes difficult for the users to navigate the actual information.

To attract the audience, some people upload graphs and images. But this does not affect the user.

Instead, more images increase the loading speed of websites. The site takes several minutes to load completely.

This does not leave a good impression on the people that have an emergency.

For Example,

A person needs to visit the dentist due to pain in the mouth. He searches for the best dentist, and your site appears in the top searches. But when he clicks on it, the site does not open quickly.

The person will close the website with frustration and look for another dentist.

In this way, you can lose many of your customers. So make sure you upload 2 to 3 pictures.

Buy Reliable Hosting:

To view the website on google, you need good hosting. The stability, safety, and speed of the content on any website depend upon its hosting provider.

For this reason, it is necessary to buy hosting for your dental marketing plan.

Select the hosting service that boosts website performance. Some hosting companies provide the affordable and best WordPress packages. At the same time, some hosting providers do not offer better deals.

If you somehow buy their hosting services, then you will end up having multiple troubles. It means to get a good hosting service provider; you need to invest some time in searching.

How To Create A Right Dental Marketing Plan?

Dental Marketing Plan

To implement the marketing strategies, you need a step-by-step process. Because by having a plan, you can execute your strategies effectively.

Here we give you a small guide to create a plan. Follow it in sequence to avoid mistakes.

1. Identify Your Goal:

Before you start to make a plan, it is better to identify the goal. It will help you to use the right resources at the right time. To identify your goal, ask some questions to yourself.

For Example,

Do you want to build your digital appearance? What are the business goals you trying to achieve? For example, do you want to attract new dental patients? Do you want to increase your appearance to target customers?

When you answer these questions, you will definitely know what your goal is. After this, you can make a good marketing plan that depends on your goal.

Also, you can easily specify the marketing campaigns and make changes to them according to your goals.

2. Analyze Your USP:

Analyze Your USP

There are thousands of dentists that follow a dental marketing plan to promote their business.

Now the question is how you can differentiate your brand from them?

The simple answer is, you can differentiate your brands by having a unique selling point.

Your USP is the main thing in your brand that convinces other people to take your services instead of others.

There are also many methods that you can use to differentiate your brands from the others.

But here, we discuss the two important methods that almost all other brands use.  So have a look at them.

Define Your Business:

To create your brand name in the market, completely define it in front of the world. Following are the things that you need to explain to make a difference.

  • Practice Name – Select a unique name for your brand. Make sure to add dentistry-related keywords in it. You can select your own name or initials. Before publishing the name, make sure that no other dental brand has this name.
  • Phone number – Share your active phone number. It can be your personal phone number, or you can buy a new number just for the business.
  • Address – Publish a proper address with the right references. So that people can reach your workplace without having any confusion or problem.
  • Logo –  Consult a good graphic designer to make a logo for your brand. It can be the name or shape of anything that relates to dental services.
  • Other important brand elements – Share your services with the world in the right format so that people of any age can read easily.
  • URL – You don’t need to have a website for your business. But if you do have, then share the URL so that people can read information online.

Make A Unique Value Proportion:

After defining the business, the second way is to create a unique selling proposition. Here you can separate your services from the other dentist.

Think carefully about your services and analyze what different services you are offering to the customers.

USP can be a  dental service, discount, or better facilities that customers like. Here are some examples of the unique value proposition that dentists can use for their brands

  1. We provide dental services 24/7
  2. Our priority is the customer satisfaction
  3. We ranked #1 in the dental industry
  4. We offer the best dental care at affordable prices

Depending upon your audience, you can select the different value propositions. Because different people have different expectations from dentists.

After selecting your USP, design your dental marketing plan according to this.

You need to do good brainstorming to select the unique value proposition. But when you select it, marketing work will become easier for you.

3. Establish A Digital Presence:

Establish A Digital Presence

Time is gone when people prefer physical marketing to promote the brand. Now, it’s the age of digital media. People prefer digital media rather than physical media.

So if you still stick to banners, brochures, flyers, and templates, you just waste your money. Because people also get advanced with the technology.

They prefer digital media to select the right services. For example, to display your work to the audience.

You need advertisements as it is the only good way to get an organic audience. However, you can make a website or use different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In for your dental marketing plan.

Remember that Linked In is a different platform from Facebook and Instagram.

It is considered as the professional platform where people specifically come to promote their services and brands.

By using this platform, you can get more organic customers. So have a look at how you can use these digital platforms to enhance your dental practice.

Use Social Media:

Social media becomes the most common platform for people to promote brands and get entertainment. Many people use social media just as a source of fun or entertainment.

But you can use it to promote your dental marketing services. First, make a business account on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In.

All these platforms have different kinds of audiences. To promote the brand, you need to upload a photo with a suitable caption.

You can select the photo of your brand logo, services, or the offers that you give.

In the content section, write the complete detail about your services and working hours.

So that people can contact you easily. The best thing about these platforms is that they provide a chatting facility.

To communicate with your clients, you do not need to move to WhatsApp or Telegram. Instead, you can communicate with them on the platforms that you use.

Try to stay active on social media to respond quickly to the people interested in your services.

Do not avoid the people who write questions in the comment section.

To avoid irrelevant questions, you can block the users to only focus on the right audience.

To promote the posts, you can use a promotion plan that the business account offers.

According to your goal, you can select the promotion plan. With this, your posts get boosted on the platform.

So that a huge audience can see it, this plan works only on the posts that you select.



It is also a good social media platform, but the format is different from the other ones. Here you need to upload the videos to promote the content.

To do so, you need a youtube channel.

If you have a Gmail account, then you can start a channel. But if you do not have any, then make an email first then start the channel.

To make the channel, you need to add information about the brand.

Showcase your personal information, dental services, and experience here.

So that when people see your videos, they can get information about you. To make the videos, you have two options.

First, you make educational videos. Second, you can make tutorial videos about the treatment that you do.

It will help people know how you treat your patients, and if someone wants to learn about dentistry, they get help from your video content.

Make A Website:

Create A Website

After making accounts on social media platforms, the next step is to make a website. It is the first interaction of the patient with a  dentist.

So try to make a website that is attractive, easy to use, and unique.

People usually visit a website to make an appointment or know about the dentist before getting the dental services.

Your website will work better if it gives proper and clear information.

Do not use slang and jargon because it will become difficult for some people to read your content.

Use a proper color combination for your website to give a professional look.

There is no need to add inappropriate images and data in the content. Instead, make sure to upload the exact information about your brand with the 1 to 2 images that represent your brand logo and workplace.

Your website will not work properly until you optimize it. In addition, by doing optimization, you will attract more customers.

Following are some points that you need to consider while optimizing the dental website.

  • To make sure people get the desired information keep navigation easy
  • Keep the language and tone professional yet easy to understand
  • Do not create a mess on the website and maintain the classic design
  • Add different blogs on the website about dental hygiene and health
  • Provide make payment facility so that people transfer money easily
  • In the content, tell people about the workplace environment, dental services, and staff members
  • Add chatting facility in the website
  • Upload different videos with blogs to keep people attentive
  • Use an easy scheduling system

It is important to consider these points in a dental marketing plan as 90% of people make appointments by evaluating these facilities.

Review Sites:

Review Sites

Reviews are an important part of the dental marketing plan. Most people search for reviews before buying any product or taking any service.

If you have good reviews on the website, then more people will come to you.

Make sure to add positive and genuine reviews to the website. To get the reviews, you can ask your patients. Only ask the satisfied patients to give the reviews.

You can ask for a comment, reactional video, or a testimonial that you can publish on your website.

It also helps build a trustful relationship between the client and dentist, and people will take your services for a long time.

You can also increase your searches by adding the website on google my business.

You might think, what is google my business? Do not worry. We will explain it to you in the coming sections.

4. Set Up A Budget:

Marketing needs money, no matter whether it is digital or physical. The amount of money that you want to invest in marketing decides the quality of your dental marketing plan.

To know about your budget, answer these questions. First, how much money can you afford to spend? Second, how much money do you want to spend on dental marketing strategies?

When you answer these questions, you will know the exact figure.

Remember that if you invest a high amount, then you will get a high return. So, to avoid the money issue, take some amount from your monthly salary and save it for marketing.

In this way, you will never face money issues. Once your dental marketing plan works, you will definitely get a high return on your investment in the form of more patients.

5. Find Your Target Audience:

Find Your Target Audience

The target audience is the ones that have an interest in your services and the brand. So to know about your audience, you need to do demographic targeting.

Demographics include location, age, gender, income, and education. By investing money on the targeted audience only, you will get effective results at a low cost.

But if you spend money to target all the money, then you just waste your money. Obviously, you do not want to waste the money.

So to avoid such situations, you need to spend time in the community or the social media platforms.

By using Facebook, you can know about the changing trends and what people prefer in this age. To target the people, Facebook also does demographic targeting.

You can take advantage of this algorithm to know about your target audience. You can also consider the following things to target the audience.

  • Interest
  • Employment
  • Relationship status
  • Income
  • Language

According to the research, almost 90% of women make dental buying decisions. So it is clear from the research that your first target audience is women.

To make your dental marketing plan effective make sure you target both local and international women. By just targeting them, there are many chances that you can enhance your dental practice.

6. Get Information About The Competitors:

Like any other industry, there is competition in the dental industry. Therefore, to make a mark in the market, you must know the other dentists.

To know about their services and offers, you can take help from google. Just do some quick searches and thoroughly visit their websites.

Analyze what tools and techniques they choose and how effective their communication is with the patients.

Now think about how you can make your brand appearance different from them. Finally, after knowing about your competitor’s strategies, you can think about better strategies for your dental marketing plan.

7. Select The Right Marketing Tools:

Right Marketing Tools

There are many dental marketing tools that you can use. But not all the marketing tools work best for your dental marketing plan. Therefore, you need to select the best ones for you that give effective results.

Among all the best tools here, we tell you the best 3 tools that definitely give you desired results at the appropriate cost. So have a look at them and learn how you can use them effectively.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the best marketing tool, and you can use it as the best marketing idea. It helps to rank your dental website on the google search result page. Google uses a specific search algorithm to rank the websites.

When the user places the query on the search bar, google starts the searching algorithm to give the users the best results according to their keywords.

Google search algorithm has more than 100 factors to rank the websites.

Some of these ranking factors are:

  • Website architecture
  • Website loading speed
  • Creative content
  • Keywords
  • Optimized URL

SEO focuses on these factors and ranks the website in the top place. You can rank your website by writing good quality creative content with the right brand and location keywords.

When your website gets ranked in the top places, people will reach it easily. You need to consider the following factors while doing the SEO of your website.

  • Structure – To rank a website, you need to keep its architecture responsive.
  • Page Speed – A website is optimized when it loads in nanoseconds. But if it takes some minutes to load, then you need to make it better.
  • Optimization – The website optimization includes the optimization of images, URL, header, title, meta tags, text, and content
  • Add Forms – Do not create a mess on a single page. Use different forms for each purpose. Like a separate section for appointments, reviews, and frequently asked questions

Also, make sure that mobile users can easily navigate the content without spending too much site on the website. Write the appropriate content so that users can navigate to the right information easily.

Pay-Per-Click Ads:

Pay-Per-Click Ads1

The second best marketing tool to promote the brand is the PPC ads. For the best marketing results, you should add this marketing tool to your dental marketing plan.

The main purpose of pay-per-click ads is to increase the number of viewers on the website. By using this marketing tool, advertisers pay money only one time when users click on the ad.

By clicking the ad, users are redirected to the original website to make dental appointments. PPC helps in generating leads, increasing the number of sales, and promote awareness about the brand.

These ads are only displayed on the website that has similar content. So make sure you use the right content and keywords with ads. It helps you to get the targeted audience.

By seeing these ads on different websites, people can reach your website. There are 6 different PPC ads. According to your dental marketing plan, you can select the right advertisement.

Among all PPC types remarketing ad is the best that you can use. It is the simplest ad that you should use to target the audience interested in your services rather than investing money in the new ones.

Remarketing ads make it easy for you to get the genuine customer who makes an appointment with you.

To attract users, you can also use the email facility. Just add the email field in the login form and collect all the emails of users.

Use these email addresses to inform people about your new offers and services. Moreover, by adding the call option, you can make your ads effective.

Surely you do not want users just to come and visit your website. By seeing the call option, interested people will surely contact you.

Google My Business:

Google My Business

For a dental marketing plan, google my business is the other best marketing tool.

It helps to promote the business by adding it on google maps. To use this tool, you need to make the google my business profile.

You can continue with Gmail to sign up for the account. Choose a unique business name and enter the information like

  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Working Hours
  • Experience
  • Services

After creating the account, you can use the mini dashboard on the side of your google page. This mini dashboard helps you to edit the information easily.

Google displays your brand location with directions so that people can reach your workplace without any effort. Google my business needs you to update the brand information like location, services, and working hours.

By using the mini dashboard, you can edit this information in a short time. It also gives alerts to the people when they are near to your workplace.

8. Check Results:

After executing your dental marketing plan, analyze and track the results. To see whether the plan is effective for your dental marketing or not. For analyzing the results, wait for at least 3 months at the start.

If you see progress in the number of patients, then continue to follow the plan.

After this, check your marketing performance after every week. If you do not get the desired results, then change some strategies in the plan.

Completely analyze the results and see what you need to change in your plan.

To make your marketing plan better, you need to invest in new strategies so that your money and time do not get wasted.

Marketing takes time to promote the brand or services. All you have to do is be consistent with it, and with time, you start to get the results you want.

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Wrapping It All Up!!

That’s all, folks. These are the necessary steps in making a perfect dental marketing plan.

If you learn to use the marketing tools, you can give your competitors tough competition and mark the market.

To improve your dental practice, it is also important to focus on marketing to get more patients. Use social media platforms to communicate with the people that are interested in your services.

For good results, try to stay active as more as you can. By staying active, you can give a response in a short time.

It will keep users attracted to your services and continue to communicate with you.

These genuine users will surely end up making a dental appointment if they want dental services.

Isn’t this amazing? What else can social media do for you?

All you need is to be patient because social media marketing and simple dental marketing are slow.

People take time to reach your website, but once they reach it. Then, they will surely take your dental services, and you will achieve your goal.

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