Dental Marketing Strategies – How to Get More Patients Online

Dental Marketing Strategies?

This question may have popped up in your mind. However, to help you find the answer to this question, we have written this article.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

This digital era has increased the competition in every field. To even stand in the market, you have to showcase different skills that others do not have.

Because this is the only way to convince people to come by ignoring other best sellers.

To display your skills and special services, digital marketing provides different tools.

To get more patients online, there are many digital marketing strategies that you can use by spending low cost.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best strategies to make your work easier.

What Are The Best Digital Marketing Strategies For More Patients?

Best Digital Marketing Strategies

Here are the best strategies that help you to get more patients without any physical effort. By using these methods, you can surely improve your dental practice so have a look.

1. Create A Website With High Converting Rate:

Create A Website

A website is the digital representation of your work and services. Keep and simple so that people can easily navigate the information. By using marketing tools, you can select the conversion rate.

This rate defines how much visitors convert into your patients. You need to invest some money to make a good website with good domain hosting.

The domain name should match your clinic name so that people do not get confused.

Also, please do not go for the random names as it will not attract genuine patients.

Make sure you do not extra and irrelevant images to your website because it will increase the loading speed of your website.

When your website takes time to get a load, patients will get irritated and move to another dentist.

Write appropriate content for your website that only describes your specialties, work experience, and education.

You can write your staff information and tell about the environment where you treat patients.

Otherwise, there is no need to add extra personal information. Also, use proper words instead of jargon.

Make portals for different purposes like an appointment, reviews, and contact. Use a proper chatting system so that patients can easily communicate with you.

If you do not have time to learn coding to make a website, you can use WordPress.

It is the best online platform to create websites. In this platform, you can make and update things by just drag and drop. There is no coding required.

2. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization
SEO Diagram Concept.

SEO helps to increase the organic traffic on the website. For example, SEO increases website visibility to know about the business on the google search result page.

There are 3 different SEO strategies:

  1. Local.
  2. Regular.
  3. International.

They have different working, but the purpose is the same. All three SEO strategies focus on organic results by providing quality traffic in a high amount.

SEO helps to rank the website in the google search algorithm. However, it depends on multiple factors. That’s why you need to focus on all of them.

If you miss any factor, there is a chance that your website does not get the top rank.

The most important things in a search algorithm are keywords, site structure, unique content, loading speed, etc.

SEO takes care of all things and increases views on your website.

3. Pay-Per-Click Ads:

With SEO, you can use PPC ads. By displaying ads on web pages, you can get traffic. In this strategy, advertisers pay money when uses click on the ad.

There is no fee for advertisers when users only view the ad. The main purpose of PPC ads is to generate leads, increase sale rates, and promote business awareness.

PPC ads are displayed on only those web pages that have similar content.

So, pay attention while you are using keywords in the content. Because with only the right keywords, you can target the right audience.

Users are directed to the main website when they click on the ad. PPC has 6 different of advertising.

According to your marketing type, you can select the right one.

The main platform for PPC ads is Google Adwords. Here you can create, update, and optimize ads easily.

These ads appear on the top of google websites to make sure people visit them.

4. Create Google My Business Page:

Create Google My Business Page

Google my business is the marketing tool. It adds business on google maps with directions. So that people can easily locate you.

It allows you to create a listing to manage your presence across the google search engine.

It also helps patients to locate you in case of an emergency. GMB gives a notification to people when they are in a nearby location.

Following are the things that you should fill in while optimizing your listing

  • Active Phone Number.
  • Category Of Business.
  • Business Detail –  use optimize content to display.
  • Working Hours.
  • Google Reviews.

By making a google my business account, you will see a mini dashboard on the google site. With the help of this mini dashboard, you can edit your services quickly.

Make sure to update every single detail about your work and services on google my business. So that people can contact you in the hour of need.

5. Use Social Media:

Use Social Media

Social media platforms provide an opportunity to share and promote data. There are many famous social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram.

Most people use social media to share about their life and special events. But at the same time, many entrepreneurs use social media to promote small businesses.

To promote your dental services, you can use social media as one of your digital marketing strategies. When you have more patients, you can improve your dental practice.

This can be done only when most people know about your work and services. By making a business account on social media, you can upload multiple posts to showcase your services.

With a new business account, you need to boost your posts so that maximum people can reach it. Unfortunately, to boost posts, you need to spend some money.

Social media promote the posts according to your pricing plan. So if you want maximum people to come to you, you should select the big pricing plans.

Moreover, by using social media, you can communicate with the patients. Just spend some time on social media and read people’s comments to know their queries.

By answering people’s queries, you can convince them to make an appointment. You can direct patients from social media to the main website so that they make an appointment.

6. Remarketing:

Remarketing is the type of advertising. In this strategy, dentists focus on the existing patients rather than targeting the new ones.

It is considered one of the simplest digital marketing strategies.

You can save money by showing ads to only those interested in your services by using this advertising.

It works by showing ads to the person who visits the website.

By clicking on the ad, the user is directed to make an appointment page. If the user is interested, he will surely end up making a dental appointment with you.

But if he is not interested, then he will leave. So make sure to add the email field in the login form and collect them.

Because by using email addresses, you can keep the patients updated about your services.

Use google mailing service to send the latest services and discounts that you offer. For every patient, you do not need to write separate mail.

By writing only one mail, you can transfer it to all patients at the same time.

7. Use Call Option:

Use Call Option

The call option in the ad makes it easy for the viewers to communicate with you directly.

You can create multiple ads on different platforms, and in all ads, you can use the call option.

It appears like a phone icon at the end of the ad. By having this feature on the ad, people do not have to go to the main website and navigate through the information to contact you.

By having this facility, people can save their time in contact the best dentist. Also, people prefer mobile phones to make google searches instead of PC and laptops.

But the ads that you make for laptops do not work in the same way on mobile phones.

If you run these ads on mobile, people will find it difficult to navigate the right data. That’s why there is a facility for call-only campaigns.

By using this facility, you can make ads, especially for mobile phones. Moreover, on any device, you can edit such ads as they are responsive.

So do not forget to add the call option while you are making or optimizing your ad.

8. Target Patients:

The main purpose of digital marketing strategies is to get organic patients. These are people who really have dental problems and want a dentist to resolve them.

If you know the people interested in seeing a doctor, you can only target them. However, it will save the money that you spend on advertising.

Because by spending on the people who do not interest in dentistry, your money will get wasted. To avoid such situations, spend some time in society and on social media to observe people.

Facebook has the best demographic targeting algorithm. You can take advantage of this algorithm to determine your target audience and their requirements.

People usually focus on interests, employment, income, relationship status, and language to target the audience. Also, most women make dental decisions, according to the research.

This research shows that your first target audience is women. Make sure you use the right digital marketing strategies to target women.

9. Appointment Reminders:

Appointment Reminders

Remainders are the best way to remember the work in this busy life. By sending reminders to the patients, you can confirm whether they will visit you or not.

There are many ways to send reminders to patients by using a digital platform. However, no matter which method you use to send the appointment, patients will find it helpful.

To remind the patients that they have a dental meeting, you can send emails, confirm appointments, or use google calenders.

Moreover, by just sending appointment reminders, you can do effectively communicate with your patients.

In the same way, you can get feedback. There is an option of email to send reminders. But it is not considered the effective one.

Because some people do not read emails and you can not see whether they receive the mail or not. So if you send them reminders through the mail, then there is a chance they will not come.

Instead of email, you can use responsive messaging platforms. For example, by sending a message, you will get acknowledged when receive see the message.

Also, it’s common to communicate, so there are more possibilities to get a reply and have good communication with a patient.

Like emails, you have to write the message only once, and then you can forward it to all the patients. You can also use the scheduling facility so that every patient gets the message at the right time.

Moreover, there is an option of online appointment scheduling that marketing tools provide. It works 24/7 and allows both existing and new patients to make an appointment.

10. Manage Patients:

Patient management is important when you have more patients to give equal time and response to all the patients.

It will not demotivate other patients to get dental treatment from you.

Also, it would help if you had a schedule to make sure you do not make an appointment with two patients at the same day in the same day.

In physical management, you can have a secretary to do all this work.

While in online management, you can use multiple software. The main purpose of patient management is to give better services to patients.

So that they tell your services to their friends and they will come to you in case of a dental emergency.

To better your patient management system, you should consider the following things.

11. Reviews:


Patient reviews help you to rank your website. There are different ways to get reviews from patients.

You can make a section on your website or comment on the posts you upload on social media.

When you get negative reviews, try to resolve the issue. But when you get positive reviews, showcase them on your website. It will help you to get new patients.

12. Testimonials:

Ask your patients to give written and oral testimonials to put on your website and other platforms. Testimonials play an important part in building trust, and this is what a business wants.

13. Patient Reminders:

By giving patient reminders, you can decrease the chance of canceled appointments. Reminding patients becomes easy with the help of digital media tools. So use them so that you do not lose any patient.

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Wrapping It All Up!

For a better dental practice, it is better to use digital marketing strategies. Although these tips take some time to give you desired results, you have to be patient.

Follow all the strategies to make are you get more patients in a short time.

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