Dental Practice Marketing Strategies to Get More Patients        

In the simplest word, dental practice marketing is the key to the success of any dentist. If you want your business to grow bigger and better, you need to be familiar with the different dental practice marketing strategies to get more patients.

Incorporate Traditional and Digital Dental Marketing Strategies

For your dental marketing plan to be effective, you might want to combine traditional and digital methods. Having a nuanced and diversified marketing strategy will help you capture more patients through various channels and reach out to more audiences.

But of course, remember that the first and most important thing you should do is provide excellent dental service. Once you have done so, you can now pursue the following simple strategies for dental marketing.

Patient Referral System as Part of Word of Mouth Marketing

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It can be as simple as asking your patients to let their family and friends know if they love your service. So that you know, most patients will be more than happy to do it if you ask them to. The best time for requesting the referral is after a positive appointment as long as the patient is not heavily sedated.

You can also encourage more referrals with special coupons for free cleanings or even exciting discounts on more expensive services such as root canals or fillings.

Use Appointment Reminders

Postcards are no longer the only way for your patients to get their appointment reminders. The best dental marketing plan may include your reception staff getting in touch with patients with reminders. In addition, there are software programs that tie in with point of sale systems to predict when patients will need their next dental services.

Be Involved in the Community

For dentists, community involvement means being part of the local chamber of commerce, doing charity work, or sponsoring the local youth sports team.

It also means more sophisticated work that only dentists are best qualified for. For example, instead of simply cooking soup at any random kitchen, dentists will be able to offer free or low-cost dental services for homeless and disadvantaged communities.

Make the Most Out of Dental Directory Listings

Use The Power Of Social Media

In addition to having your own spot in the phonebook or putting up a sign and having your own listing in Google, it would also be wise for dentists to have themselves listed in several dental directories as much as possible.

Mailed Offers and Postcards

A lot of people visit the dentist when they feel the need to do so. Postcards allow people to know when it must be, typically every 3 to 6 months for teeth cleaning. These are also nice ways to keep in touch during the birthdays of patients or holidays. These can offer dental marketing ideas for all months. Postcards are also affordable ways to convey more mailed offers.


It may seem that newsletters are a bit old-fashioned this 21st century. But still, people continue to read them. Dental practices need something to offer in their waiting areas before appointments. So even something as simple as a four-page newsletter is a welcome break from the traditional magazine fare.

Other good dental marketing strategies for dental practices include dental SEO, Google Ads optimization, and Google My Business optimization. Feel free to check out if you need help with your dental marketing!

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