Dental Video Marketing – How to Get More Patients from Youtube

Marketing helps in promoting the brand no matter whether it is text or video. Both forms of dental marketing are important, but you need the right platform to use one.

As youtube is a famous and growing platform, it is better to do dental video marketing here. You could promote your dental brand here and can earn some money if your videos got many views.

Like Instagram, Facebook, and linked-in, you need to pay focus on your youtube channel. But your dental services will only get promoted when you do the dental video marketing in the right way.

In this article, we will tell you how you can use youtube to get more patients. So let’s start the discussion.

How Youtube Helps In Getting More Dental Patients?

Dental Marketing Tips - How to Get More Clients from The Internet

Like any other social platform, you can do dental video marketing on youtube. However, to promote the content on this platform, you need to upload videos instead of pictures and written content.

To start your youtube channel, you need a Gmail account. If you do not have any, then start with creating an account.

After the account creation, add bio in youtube channel and start posting the videos. There are three ways to populate your video channel.

1. Make Video Content Yourself:

Make Video Content Yourself

To make a video, you need a mobile phone with a good camera or a flip cam. There is no need to buy digital high-quality videos for dental media marketing.

Use some basic video editing tools and software that do not ask for the money after the one-month free trial. Keep this process simple as this is just a promotion platform.

Unlike other youtube videos, there is no need to create lengthy videos of 10 to 12 minutes. Only 1 to 2 minutes of video is enough.

Also, youtube introduce shorts. You can upload the video by using the hashtag and share your message.

If you have an assistant or manager in the workplace, ask them to hold the camera and shoot a video for you.

So that you can focus on delivering the message.

2. Share Other Youtubers Videos:

If you do not create many videos for dental video marketing, you can use other people’s content on your youtube channel. Make sure the content is related to dentistry.

Also, you can combine other people’s content with your content and upload it on the channel.

Take permission from the other YouTubers before using their content so that you do not get a copyright issue.

3. Ask Patients For Video Sharing:

Ask patients to share their reviews or testimonials in the form of videos so that you can post them on the youtube channel.

As a sample, you should have some patients to shoot in your workplace. It will help other people to know how they can behave in the video testimonial.

What Type Of Dental Video Marketing Do You Do On Youtube?

Dental Video Marketing

Video marketing is important on all social media platforms. For example, on youtube, you can make text-based and video ads.

There are five types of ads that you can stream on youtube to promote your dental services.

1. In-stream Ads:

You can display your dental video marketing ads at the start, middle, and end of the video using the TrueView in-stream advertising option.

After 5 seconds of the ad, viewers are allowed to skip it.

You will get charged when viewers watch an ad for 30 seconds or the full ad.

Some ads are less than 30 seconds. In this case, if viewers watch the full ad, you will be charged.

2. Non-skippable In-stream Ads:

These in-stream ads also play at the start, middle, and end of the video. But viewers do not have the option to close or skip the ad after 5 seconds.

The dental video marketing ad length should be 10 to 20 seconds if you select non-skippable in-stream ads.

Also, depending upon the region, the video length can be changed. With non-skippable ads, you are charged based on cost-per-thousand.

3. Display Ads:

Display Ads

These ads display on the top right column of the youtube window. That’s why they only appear on the desktop computer.

Mobile users are not able to see these ads. You will get charged when someone clicks on the ad.

4. Overlay Ads:

These ads display on the top of in-stream ads. They only appear on desktop computers. Overlay ads do not interrupt the playing of the video.

5. Remarketing Video Ads:

With the help of remarketing video ads, you can retarget the people who watched your videos on Youtube or Google display network.

What Type Of Content Can You Share On Youtube?

Content You Can Share On Youtube

There are three types of content that you can upload on your youtube channel. First, have a look at the content that you can create to populate your channel.

1. Educational Videos About Your Treatments:

You can not just use your dental practices in the workplace. There are many ways to spread your services. Many dental students want to learn from the videos.

For them, you can make an educational video about the treatment that you can do easily with efficiency.

Dental video marketing should contain all the necessary guides so that students can understand the procedure without having any doubt.

2. How-to Videos:

Most people like to watch how-to videos on youtube. You can make these videos on any topic that is related to dental health. It can be something like flossing and brushing.

You can make videos on avoiding cavities and share the proper routine to keep the teeth clean. For more ideas, watch as many dental-related videos on youtube as you can.

After watching videos, analyze what you can improve in these videos or show the best way to do what other people do for dental health.

3. QNA Videos:

To make a question and answer video, all you need is to read the comment section of your youtube channel. Then, make a list of questions that people ask you in the comments.

Make a video and answer all the possible question and upload on your channel.

In this way, many people can clear their doubts, and other people will get motivated to ask questions.

You can upload series of such videos to cover all the questions that people ask.

Now, there is a facility of live video on youtube. So for direct interaction, you can go live and answer patients’ questions at the spot.

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Wrapping It All Up!

This is the guide that helps you to use youtube as a dental video marketing platform. Make sure to upload the dental relevant content to attract the target audience.

By viewing the ads, people will visit your website, and you can improve your practice.

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