Dental Website Pricing – How Much Does A Dental Website Cost?                                     

When the time comes that you need a new dental website or you want to spruce up your existing one, the first thing that you would surely want to know is the dental website pricing.

This concern is reasonable. To put it simply, the pricing of your dental website will depend on your goals for getting a new patient and how much you are willing to invest in attaining these goals.

There are main categories of dental website providers you can find today.

Dental Service Providers

Dental service providers usually provide the best of both worlds. These providers can design beautiful websites that convert patients and follow a more integrated marketing approach. However, website content must be unique to your dental practice and must cater to your ideal patients.

This kind of service provider can market your practice on your behalf by attracting potential patients and nurturing your existing ones. It comes with three-fold results. First, you can stimulate more referrals, improve retention, and attract more new patients.

This form of marketing can work around the clock with an integrated digital strategy. For example, the online initiatives might include the following:

  • Blog posts to boost your authority in the dental industry
  • Continuous client support for your website to stay fresh
  • Monthly newsletters to engage patients
  • Online patient learning to urge repeat appointments
  • Review monitoring to enhance online reputation
  • SEO monitoring to increase Google rankings
  • Social media content for your practice to stay on top of patients’ mind

The setup fee of dental service providers ranges from $400 to $2,000, with monthly fees of $150 to $800.

Discount Product Providers

Good Digital Appearance

Discount product providers are bigger companies exclusively catering to dentists. They offer a product, which means that they can build your site, and the rest will be up to you. These discount providers usually have their own client service team.

However, because of low margins, most of them cannot support service requests in a reasonable period of time. The discount option can put most of the future work on you. This discounted price is also a false economy.  The template solution usually leads to minimal growth, subpar rankings, and low traffic.

The setup fee starts at $300 to $600, with monthly charges ranging from $100 to $300.

Local Designer

Dentists usually find local designers through an online search or personal referral. They can be considered the jack of all trades, serving clients in various industries, including landscapers, accountants, and local retailers. There is even a possibility that you are the first dentist they will be working with.

Many of these local designers have a stunning portfolio of websites they made in the past. Since they don’t just specialize in a specific industry, they may apply the same strategy for all clients. Their design fee can cost you $2,000 up to $15,000 with monthly fees of $10 to $20.

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