How To Optimize Your Dental Website to Get More Patients  

Creating a dental website to help dentists get patients is one of the first key steps to ensure that your practice will be up and running in no time. Below are some of the things you should do to get started.

Create a Professional and Clean Dental Website

Most of the time, a patient’s first interaction with a prospect patient comes through their official dental website, probably after a search engine query, through a customer review site, or after a directory search. As a dentist, you will need an easy-to-understand and clean website to convert this website visitor to a new patient.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated to build this kind of website. Savvy dentists can even do it on their own. However, there should at least be one page that describes essential services, contact information, and a short biography page.

After some time, dentists can also spruce up the website with more sophisticated features like prescription renewal, bill payment, or online scheduling.

Use Diverse Keywords


Through keyword research, dentists will be able to identify the search terms they can add to their web copy that can increase the chances that those patients searching for these terms will click on their websites. You can also be sure to attract a mix of different patients if you diversify these terms using longtail and high-frequency words.

Update Your Website with Content Marketing and Provide Value to Your Patients

A widespread website mistake that many businesses make is that they invest a hefty sum in a new website only to keep it stagnant after a few months. Search engines prefer websites that get new activity at least once every month. The use of content marketing, specifically with the addition of a dental blog on the site, is among the best ways to ensure that your website doesn’t turn bare and empty.

Dental blogs don’t only offer a way to keep sites active with excellent SEO capabilities, as these are also great means to engage with customers and educate them on the newest trends regarding their oral health.

Create and Market Dental Videos

Best Dental Marketing Services

It is never enough to use text alone. The best dental website to help dentists get patients also contains short videos. Professional dental marketing companies will help create these, ranging from reenactments of the patient procedures to video testimonials and dental video logs. These videos will then be distributed to other areas across the web like YouTube.

Incorporate Live Chat

Quality content can help with the passive conversion of visitors to dental sites. The good news is that there are now a lot of active web conversion tools available. One of these is a live chat with a simple API or application programming interface that automatically reaches out to visitors who remain on the site for over one or two seconds and open that virtual door to longer conversations with the dental office’s employee.

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