Dentist Marketing Guide – How to Get More Patients Online     

Everyone needs dental care, but there are times when it is tricky for practices to stand out from their competition. This short dental marketing guide will give you an idea about the best things you can do first to see more patients knocking on your door.

Use SEO to Outrank Competition for Your Valuable Keywords

SEO or search engine optimization refers to the process where you get your blog posts, and website pages rank in Google as well as other search engines for certain keywords. There are plenty of variables that must be taken into consideration for your SEO strategy to work well. However, the good news here is that you will be able to focus on local search terms and emergency keywords to enjoy some quick wins with your SEO campaigns.

Ranking for terms such as near men and emergency and the specific services you offer is among the best ways of establishing a good dental marketing strategy. A good online presence will help boost your branding and acquire more qualified website traffic.

Invest in PPC Ads to Reach Out to Patients Actively Seeking Dental Practice

SEO vs. Paid Advertising

PPC or pay per click ads is among the most effective ideas for dental marketing as it lets you reach out to those people who are already in the process of searching for a dentist. It has been revealed that a big chunk of high intent searchers results in people clicking on ads.

To get started with your PPC ads campaign, you need to choose keywords for your ads. These keywords will trigger your site to show up in the relevant search results. You should show up in the related search results if you like to capture the right leads.

Claim Your GMB Listing

When you are a local practice, any dentist marketing guide will surely tell you to claim your listing in GMB or Google My Business. People will conduct local searches to look for a dentist in their area.  Of course, you would want your practice to show up on top of these searches.

Your GMB listing plays a significant role in ensuring that your practice will be discovered by local leads. When users perform a local search, the so-called local SEO 3-pack will show up. The pack includes three of the local GMB listings that best fit the local search query of the user.

To get started with using your GMB listing, you need to claim it before anything else.  After claiming your listing, you can then fill out the necessary details on it include your operating hours, address, and contact information.

Social Media is the Name of the Game

If you are a dental startup, you don’t have to overcomplicate your social media marketing campaign. You can begin with one to three platforms with posts rolled out several times a week. Although you can also run some paid ads on these social media channels, organic posts and important daily highlights are essential for both current and future dental patients to see. It is a form of brand awareness for people to think of your practice whenever they need a dentist.

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