Dentist Social Marketing – How to Get More Patients from Social Media              

Facebook alone has a billion active users, and with these numbers, there is no denying that dentists can no longer ignore how powerful social media is. This is why dentist social marketing should be on top of your priorities.

Below are some of the top tips for dentist social marketing that can give good and amazing results.

Use Photos and Videos for Your Campaign

Videos have become the heaviest kind of media content online today, and even if YouTube remains to be the leading platform for watching videos, you can also natively or directly add videos to Facebook. When using photos, be sure to capture those moments while the dentist carries out a certain dental procedure. This will give patients a good idea of what to expect at your dental clinic.

Put Up Social Media Ads

Using ads with demographic and geographic targeting can put your practice before the eyes of those people who are already interested in your services. These ads can also boost your social media campaigns and capture more likes.

Request for Reviews from Patients

Review Sites

To get more word-of-mouth ads, don’t be afraid to ask your patients to leave reviews on your website or page. Potential patients visiting your page will be interested to know more about the experiences of other people. This makes testimonials and reviews very helpful.

Reach Out to Patients

Patients usually share their concerns and raise questions on your page, hoping to get answers with no need for them to schedule an appointment. Obviously, you cannot assess patients without personally seeing them.

However, it would be a great idea to acknowledge the questions and queries of patients and offer a helpful and polite answer. You can also provide a short answer, share your concerns regarding their dental health, and ask them to schedule an appointment.

Get More Likes

Your social media campaign’s first goal is to get the maximum number of likes possible. Even if you share the most engaging content, if it only gets minimal likes, only a few people can see it. This is why your first objective is to grow your fan base before anything else.

Post Engaging and Valuable Content

Produce High-Quality Content

People would be interested to learn the best ways of taking care of their dental health and keeping all those ugly diseases at bay. Every time you post valuable content, make sure you provide valuable tips regarding dental hygiene and oral health. Once they read your informational posts, it will be more likely for them to share these with their own circle of friends, making your posts gain more engagement.

Share Some Non-Dental Content Now and Then

Just because you have a dental practice doesn’t necessarily mean that you can no longer talk about topics unrelated to your services. In fact, your dentist’s social marketing strategy must also include non-dental content. Determine what your audience finds interesting and share things that cater to this.

With the help of these tips, you will be able to establish a solid social media presence with excellent results.

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