Fun Dentist Marketing Ideas You Can Start Doing Today

Not a lot of people like the idea of visiting the dentist. However, the best dental practices make sure that they make the whole experience more positive and enjoyable for their patients.

These dental practices offer their patients excellent experience and service, and at the same time, they also use superior marketing to capture the interest of more qualified patients.

Dentistry and marketing might not seem like a likely pair, yet the most successful dental clinics constantly implement fun dentist marketing ideas.

The secret to keeping more patients in your dental practice is to have a solid dental practice marketing plan to make you stand out from the rest.

Try the following ideas to make your dental marketing campaigns more fun and exciting.

Make Your Dental Ads More Creative

Unleash your creative side and add some fun to your dentist’s marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you use print or digital ads. Try to spark some joy and humor into them. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box so you can tackle oral health playfully and funnily.

Use a Mascot to Make Your Dental Practice More Memorable

Dental Marketing

Mascots are an excellent way to get people more excited for big events and sports events. But did you know that they are also great for dental practices? One of the fun dentist marketing ideas is to take advantage of the power of mascots.

Be creative in choosing your mascot and try not to stick to the same old generic giant tooth. You can feature your mascot online, bring it to community events and fairs, and have it drop by at your dental clinic every once in a while.


Remarketing is a straightforward concept when it comes to dental marketing ideas. If you wish to earn easy money, you can reach out to people who might be interested in your practice. You can send personalized ads to those people who previously visited your dental practice or website. Remarketing will put back your practice right in front of their eyes and could make a big difference in booking more appointments.

Send Out Appointment Reminders

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Did you lose many patients because of missed appointments? An appointment reminder must always be part of your overall dental marketing strategy. Send a phone call or email to remind your patients of their appointments and streamline the process easily with the proper technology. You could also get in touch with patients to inform them of their next appointment.

Sweeten the Whole Deal

If you think that deals and discounts are only for retailers, you might want to think again. A lot of people stay away from the dentist because of the cost involved. A great way to get rid of financial barriers and motivate people to visit your dental clinic is to offer smart deals. A patient who receives dental cleaning for free will return in the future for their oral health needs.

Use these fun dentist marketing ideas and entice more patients today!

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