How to Get New Dental Patients with the Power of the Web   

If you haven’t been using the internet and digital media to establish your practice and look for new patients for your dental practice, it is about high time to tweak your dental marketing strategy. Here are a few ways on how to get new dental patients with the power of the web.

Develop a High Converting Website for Your Dental Practice

For your dental website to have high conversions, make sure that your homepage contains a video as this is more engaging and interactive. Videos can also make your website look more trustworthy and modern.

You also need to check your website’s mobile optimization. This is essential as more and more patients now use their mobile phones when looking for new dentists near them.

There must be an About Us page containing the bio and photos of your dentists and staff members. Your future patients will surely be interested to see who they will work with. It would help if you also made it easy and simple for your patients to get in touch with you.

Pay Attention to Dental SEO

When it comes to dental SEO, there are three main things that you need to pay attention to. The first one is keywords. Add those key phrases that prospect patients will use to look for dental services and dentists.

The second thing you have to check is the speed of your dental website. Users will leave the site if it loads for over 3 seconds. You wouldn’t want to end up losing these potential patients just because your site takes several seconds to load.

Including relevant content on your dental site is the third thing you must consider to create an awesome dental site with good SEO. Relevant content includes links to useful dental resources, helpful blog content, and sharing content relevant to your expertise and the local area.

Get New Dental Patients with Dental Social Media Marketing

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The best dental social media marketing is engaging and fun. Dental practices that post fun videos and photos that showcase their team can expect great results.

Prospect dental patients are more concerned about their level of comfort around your team than your practice’s clinical side. The social media pages of your dental practice are a great place for building trust and forming lifetime relationships with both new and existing dental patients.

You can run contests to encourage better engagement, share stories regarding your team, and let everyone see that your dental practice treats teeth and people themselves.

Request for Online Reviews

One more trick you can use to get more online reviews is by having your own Google My Business listing. Here, they can leave their reviews even if they are still right inside your dental clinic. It will be more likely for your patients to leave you a positive review if you give them a more personal experience.

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