How to Get New Patients in Dental Office         

If you are a dentist, you might be looking for cutting-edge techniques that will work and offer good ROI. Well, look no further because the following are some helpful methods on how to get new patients in the dental office.

Start with a Dental Website with High Conversions

A lot of dentists miss this aspect. Even if you get thousands of clicks a month on your website, there is something wrong if you have a conversion rate of 1% or rate. Your goal for conversion rate must be a minimum of 3%, which is considered a realistic number.

Pay Attention to Regular Dental SEO

There are several SEO strategies and these include international, regular, and local. Regular SEO should be your top priority so you can have a higher Google rank.

Monitor Local SEO

Local SEO is also another important, particularly because Google shows local results much higher on the mobile browsers. This is because every time they look for something using their smartphone, it is most likely that they will look for regular listing.

Focus on PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Ads is the largest PPC platform. These ads are those displayed on top of search results. Every time people click on these ads, this is the only time you will pay. When it comes to dentistry, the cost per click is pretty high at about $2 to $15 per click that depends on the level of competition in your area. But, if you are working with a dental marketing company that knows what they are doing, you can expect high conversions and very low CPCs so that you will have a very nice and good ROI.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

As long as it is done correctly, social media marketing can be very powerful. Use the right keywords. You shouldn’t only automate Facebook posts every other day. You must do unique things. Use a personable background image and ensure that you use all the different tabs you can add to your pages like links, photos, and more. The primary goal of social media is to stay active on all your accounts. Don’t just create an account on Twitter if you have no intention to post on it.


Retargeting or remarketing is a concept that has been around for years but the public has only known more about it for the past few years. With retargeting, you will visit the website, the cookies will be placed on the browser, and once you are on other sites like Facebook, the relevant ads will be shown to you on these sites. If you will notice when browsing, most of the ads are from those sites you visited. This is retargeting in full action. This is very powerful due to its relevance. In a way, people already have an interest in your offers and you now have the chance of showing them an ad that could direct them back to your website.

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