How to Get Patients to Come Back After a Dental Visit 

What is more difficult than getting new dental patients? That is convincing these patients to come back.

It might not always be the case, but in this modern day of dentistry, most practices find it a big challenge to retain patients in the midst of competition, effects of the internet, and changing insurance plans.

While it might be difficult to retain dental patients today, this is still very much doable. The secret here is to be intentional. You cannot simply expect that all of your patients will remember scheduling their appointments, telling you what exactly they need, or being familiar with all of the exemplary services you offer.

This is why it is a must for dental practices to learn how to get patients to come back after a dental visit. Here are a few strategies you can implement:

Keep Your Patients on the Schedule

An unscheduled patient is a patient that might never come back to your practice again. These patients may express their intent of making an appointment, but once the time comes, they may see an ad promoting another practice or forget you completely.

It would help if you made it your goal to have your patients regularly scheduled. How do you do it? Your front desk staff must be good at encouraging your patients to schedule appointments before leaving, must have an immediate follow-up system for those patients who leave with no appointments, and must constantly get in touch with overdue patients.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

People live in a non-relationship era where consumers look for the best deals instead of great friends. But, it is different with dentistry. The relationships you have with your patients are the secret of retaining them, so make sure to work on your customer service.

Welcoming patients with warmth and energy, keeping patients informed, running on time, asking for feedback, and showing concern for patients’ comfort all help showcase outstanding customer service. Always ask yourself every single day about other things you can do for your patients.

Develop Solid Contact Program in Between Dental Appointments

You could still make an impact even if your patients are not in your dental practice. You can reach them through email and Facebook with practice, dental, health information, and even phone calls to know how they are doing.

Promote Your Brand Regularly

All practices want to position themselves for the excellent technology, services, and experience they offer. However, people will never know if you don’t even tell them in the first place. Informing your patients of your new services, cutting-edge practice equipment, and continuing education will help brand your dental office as top-tier practice.

Don’t Forget to Express Your Gratitude to Patients.

Thanking your patients for their patience for those times you run late, their referrals, and their loyalty to your dental practice can go a very long way. Some simple ways of showing your appreciation and making a lasting impression are sending thank you notes, giving gift cards, or making personal calls.

Use these strategies to get patients to come back after a dental visit and retain them for good.


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