How to Improve SEO for Dental Website

If the existing website of your dental practice doesn’t show up on the first page of major search engines, it is imperative that you give your current SEO strategy a thorough review.

Here are some tips and adjustments you have to make on how to improve SEO for a dental website:

Understand Your SEO Keywords

The very first reason why your dental website doesn’t show up on the first page of search results is that it wasn’t set up correctly for search engines to find and index it. Your primary keywords will typically be dentist or dental services plus your location. Keywords that apply the most to your practice and location must be sprinkled on all your web content and added to the meta tags and page titles for every web page.

Update and Check Your Meta Tags

The second step to ensure your site is search engine optimized is to check every page’s meta tags. These meta tags are those snippets of text describing the content of the page. These don’t show up on the page itself and instead, on the HTML code of the page. Keywords, descriptions, and meta titles are important for your search results so be sure to set up properly the back end of your site that search engines see and crawl.

Set Up Your GMB Profile for the Local Searches

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Your dental practice will never show up in the local search results of Google that show up on top of organic listings if you don’t have a profile in Google My Business. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure that you set up your free GMB listing so you can start to build visibility in your local community’s Google Search and Google Maps.

Some pieces of information about your dental practice that you need to include are your phone number, address, office hours, interior and exterior pictures of your dental practice, description of your specialties and practice, and pictures of yourself, your staff, and other dentists.

Build Your Website’s Authority

One more way to increase your search engine ranking is to get more links to your site, a process known as link building. It can include websites with information regarding dental procedures and dental hygiene that your practice offers like placing implants, bridges, and crowns. As far as link-building strategy is concerned, it is also equally important to build offline relationships.

Add Content to Your Blog or Website Regularly

If your dental site has been set up to use targeted keywords for your practice with your metadata optimized, one more way of boosting your rankings in search engines is to add more content or optimizing your existing ones.

Content will always be king as far as search results are concerned and search engines give rewards to businesses publishing consistent and quality content.

You can beef up content to your current web pages, add more website pages, or create new content regularly like a bi-weekly or weekly blog post.

These are just some of the best ways on how to improve SEO for dental websites. Feel free to check out  if you need help with your dental marketing!

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