Innovate Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Model           

Ask any dentist, and they will surely tell you how tricky it can be to bring in good patients and lots of them. But, worry not because you can always innovate dental marketing ideas guaranteed to create good results.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are essential to ensure that patients will show up, and these can come in the form of a phone call or a postcard.

Click to Call Ads

You can use click-to-call ads through Google Ads and Facebook on mobile, tablet, and desktop. You can add this extension to existing ads or use call-only campaigns.

Direct Mail

Direct mail remains effective, which is a great way to showcase your competitive price points or specialty.

Email Marketing

You can use email marketing to reach out to clients, send reminder emails, bills, and others.

Emergency Keywords

Bidding on “urgent” or “emergency” keywords is one of the highest ways of getting clients with high intent and immediate needs.

Facebook Demographic Targeting

Use Social Media Platforms

You can use the immense amount of available demographic targeting on Facebook to your advantage.  Aside from the obvious, you could also target prospect customers by interests, income,  employment, relationship status, and language.

Google Ads Income Targeting

Google Ads can help you target various demographics according to income level. For example, you can use it to target higher income levels using ads for veneers or teeth whitening, while basic oral health maintenance can be used to target lower income levels.

Google Maps Ads

Google Maps ads can literally lead potential patients right to the doorstep of your dental clinic. These ads on mobile can also include CTAs and directions.


Instagram is one of the best places to shop. Create your own Instagram profile to showcase your unique methods and advertise to prospective patients using social media.

Local Awareness Facebook Ads

It is important to be specific about the people you target if you like to do your dental practice known better. Local Awareness Facebook ads are the best way to reach out to the local audiences, and the new map card can be used to share locally relevant details.

Local Events

Local events can get your dental practice out in front of your target audience and make them more familiar with your services and offers.

Mobile Call-Only Ads

Dental Marketing Services1

Google Ads lets you create exclusive mobile ads with call-only campaigns, a must in this day and age when many health-related searches are done using smartphones.

Facebook Messaging Ad Type

Advertisers can now use “Send Message” as a call to action on their ads to take the potential patients to the messenger.

Referral Bonuses

People always trust their friends’ recommendations, so make sure you encourage these. You can use referral bonuses for retaining existing customers and growing your practice.

If you want to grow your dental practice further, other dental marketing ideas you should definitely use include dental SEO, Google Ad optimization, and Google My Business optimization.

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