LinkedIn Dental Marketing – How to Get New Patients from LinkedIn   

Even though LinkedIn didn’t become popular as far as other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, it has recently experienced substantial growth with its extensive user demographic.

How can it help your dental practice, then?

Many dentists are not familiar with the strengths of the available opportunities that LinkedIn dental marketing has to offer.

Here are some ways how LinkedIn can be used as one of your dental clinic’s strongest tools for dental marketing:

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn provides very budget-friendly advertising that is just the same as what Facebook has to offer. In addition, you can use the sponsored updates and traditional ads, two types of advertising that can benefit dental offices.

LinkedIn advertising is one of the best ways of focusing on people who most likely require your services, as it allows you to target them according to their interests. For example, if you are a dental practitioner, you can use your advertising campaign to target clients depending on several aspects like age, gender, and location.

For instance, your target audience could be older people living near your clinic’s location suffering from gum issues. However, it can also be younger families in your local area who are looking for the best orthodontic services for their small children.

Your expenses for LinkedIn advertising can be controlled by maximum bids, a total budget, or a daily budget.

Improve Your Personal Profile in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only an asset for B2B or business to business organizations as it is also efficient for B2C or business to consumer services like dental practices.

The use of your personal profile in LinkedIn is one of the best ways of connecting with and reaching out to potential clients through informing them how your background and qualifications have shaped up the ideals and culture of your practice.

One important tip here is ensuring that your LinkedIn personal provide has all the relevant keywords and content to boost your dental clinic’s SEO or search engine optimization.

Using the right keywords can allow your profile to show up on top of search engine results pages of major search engines that your potential clients use when searching for dental practices.

Some other profile features that can help broaden your clientele are recommendations from existing clients and peers, endorsements pointing to your expertise, and more.

Make the Most Out of Discussion Groups

Dental practices can benefit a lot from LinkedIn discussion groups. You are basically getting a space where you will be able to share your ideas with other dental professionals, keep up with the latest health and technology developments, and expand your network. You will also be able to highlight your expertise and professionalism as you interact with other people regarding relevant subjects in your field.

There are more than millions of discussion groups you can find on LinkedIn with a wide variety of topics to talk about, making it easy to find a group that tackles your business idea. However, since the number of groups you can join is only 100 groups, choose the groups carefully to ensure that they can add value and are relevant to your business.

Use these LinkedIn dental marketing ideas to get more new patients in no time!


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