Local Dentist Marketing – How to Promote Your Local Clinic       

Unless your patients are currently overflowing, you will need a solid local dentist marketing plan in place.

Below are four of the best marketing strategies you can execute to promote your local clinic better.

Perform SEO

SEO is definitely a big must if your goal is to boost your online and appear higher in search results. There are several SEO methods, including off-page and on-page. Ensure that you follow all the best practices that can help maintain your website for a long time instead of quick fixes.

The specific number of people searching for your dental office, in particular, is bound to be quite small. However, you can always use SEO to boost your rankings in search engines so that more people looking for a local dentist will be able to see you.

Get Smart with Your PPC

Google Ads

Getting your business page on Google search results’ first page is never easy. But, a good solution to it is to invest in PPC search ads.

Many dental practices today use PPC and other online ads but don’t see good returns at all. However, it is only because they don’t get smart when it comes to their paid ads. To be sure that your online ads will work, your efforts must be targeted.

Once done properly, retargeting and PPC are great ways so that your target audience or the right people will be able to see your online ads.

Optimize and Update Your GMB Page

Nothing can beat Google My Business if you want to leverage your location-based marketing strategy. It is usually the first step for SEO veterans. You need to create one as soon as possible if you don’t have a GMB listing yet.

Google My Business or GMB is Google’s free tool that helps dental practices and other business owners manage the online presence across the major search engine. Google My Business packs a solid punch for dentists who want to attract more patients.

You might not be familiar with GMB listings even when the name doesn’t ring a bell right away. Features such as the Local Search results of Google will break out the list of all nearby dentists with most of the information that new patients need to connect with your dental office and potentially turn into your newest patient.

Use Social Media to Get More Shares and Likes

Post Engaging Content

You can add social media buttons to make it easier, simpler, and faster for all people to share your content. It can be easily done with simple WordPress plugins. The Twitter Share and Facebook Share can be found in many dental blog posts these days.

With the help of social media, you can reach out to more people without a lot of effort on your part. As long as you create and post engaging and valuable content, you can expect to get more likes and shares.  These increased shares and likes will then translate to more potential patients in no time.

Want To Get More Patients Online?

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