Marketing a New Dental Associate – How to Do It 

If you have a newly hired dental associate, it means that you have expressed your commitment to helping them get new patients as well. Below are some of the best tips for marketing a new dental associate and ensure that they will also have a constant flow of patients in no time.

Use the Power of Social Media

If you are marketing a new dental associate, start by checking their online presence. Even though they might have just graduated from dental school, look to see if they made some effort of connecting with many people.

You can look at their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. See how they positioned themselves. One of the most effective ways of getting found online is through LinkedIn. Sadly, not a lot of dentists take advantage of the platform.

Running Facebook ads is also effective because it lets you target certain areas and big enough individual businesses.

Put Up Printed Ads



Browse your community newspapers and local magazines and put at least a half-page ad that introduces your newly hired dental associate and expansion of your practice. Traditional print mediums continue to generate large deals of exposure. When ads are more local, these will also be more cost-effective. Direct mail has the same level of effectiveness as well if it comes with special offers.

Open Your Doors to New Dental Patients

It might not really be a good thing to place a sign out front that says that you are taking in new patients. Your current patients may think that you are doing this because you are starting to lose your patient base that may also indicate that there is something wrong with your practice.

However, when you hire a new dental associate, this gives you the chance of accepting more new patients since you now have a good reason to do so. Present it in a positive way to your existing patients through sending out emails or communication using practice management software.

You can explain to them that your practice is growing and you got a new dental associate in your team. Provide them with a short background and request for referrals.

Promote the New Dental Associate with a Specific Dental Service

Publish Great and Original Reviews of Your Dental Practice

Is your dental associate good at something specific or likes to do something? Find out their specialty and promote that particular service. For instance, if your new dental associate specializes in Invisalign, you can promote them as “Invisalign Specialist.”

Run an Invisalign special since new patients will have to undergo an exam first before they can determine whether or not they are a good candidate for the procedure. You can do the same for other marketable services.

Encourage Community Involvement

A strong and solid grassroots campaign can help you whether or not you hired a new dental associate. You can try sponsoring local community events with your dental associate showing up as your official representative. You can look for events offering good exposure or speaking opportunities. Your goal here is to ensure that your dental associate will meet as many people as possible.

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