New Dentist Marketing Ideas for You to Get New Patients          

In today’s competitive dentistry field, staying ahead of the game is a must. Below are some of the new dentist marketing ideas you can try to get new patients and grow your practice.

Discuss Dentistry on Different Podcasts

While podcasts won’t get you new appointments instantly, you cannot simply overlook them because of their remarkable reach.

It has been revealed that many people today are familiar with podcasts, and most of them are actively listening. In fact, podcast leadership has enjoyed significant growth for the past few years.

You can try to pitch several podcasts so you can start to establish your own thought leadership repertoire.  While others might miss your podcast simultaneously, your appearance in it will let you talk about it on your own site that will then reinforce the credibility of your clinic when someone decides to book an appointment.

Prepare an Insurance Campaign at the End of the Year

Many new dentist marketing ideas are all about creating urgency. As far as dental clinics are concerned, among the best times for leveraging this urgency is during year-end, when you can remind patients that their dental insurance will reset soon.

Many people don’t use up all of their benefits in a year. Once December arrives, you can start sending an email offer to patients.

This one is not your usual reminder letter. Instead, it is a clear offer complete with an image that will pull a patient in and a call to action button.

When you design your offer email, choose a bold color that will entice more people to click on that CTA button.

Ask for Online Reviews for 3 Months

Almost all millennials today read and check online reviews every time they search for a healthcare provider. There are also more people aged 24 to 34 years old who believe that they can rely on online comments.

Online reviews can easily make or break a person’s decision to schedule an appointment. Those who are below 40 years old want to know first about the experience of other people with a particular dentist before they commit to one.

Both negative and positive reviews matter, so it is recommended that you invest in a mechanism that will stimulate positive reviews online right after the patient leaves your clinic. You will also need to allot some time per week to engage with your online reviews by giving thoughtful responses to the negative reviews and thank people for their positive feedback.

While doing so, you can also take screenshots of your positive online reviews so you can post these to your different social media channels. This way, your reviews will be able to reach more people in an instant, especially those who are already planning to book an appointment. This review might be the one thing they are waiting for to seal the deal.

Try these new dentist marketing ideas and get more new patients flowing through your door soon!

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