SEO for Dental Offices – Why It’s Important

Have you ever heard of SEO for dental offices and why it is important in the first place?

If you have a dental practice, SEO is that thing that you can never do without.

You might think that the only thing you need is a functional website for you to find online. But, the truth is that if you don’t implement a functional and effective SEO strategy, there is a big chance that you will be missing out on a lot of prospective patients.

The explanation for this is simple – more than half of the traffic going to your website likely comes from organic search results, or it should be that way, at least.

On top of that, most searchers will never even bother to go to the third page of Google results even if they didn’t find what they were searching for.

It means that even if your dental website is up and running, it will seem as if you don’t exist online if it is not found on the second, third, or ideally, the first page of the search results in Google.

Only SEO for dentist offices will help boost your ranks.

Below are other reasons why SEO is important for every dental practice:

You Will Get More Traffic If You Rank Higher

And when you have more traffic, you will also have more patients coming through your door.

While there might not be a direct connection between your rank in search results and the number of website visitors converted into patients, you can still improve your chances of capturing the searchers’ attention if you are found right on top.

It means that even though your website’s conversion rate is relatively low, you can still get more new patients compared to ranking lower in search results.

It Creates an Ambience of Legitimacy and Trust

Dental Marketing Strategies1

In the minds of a potential patient, dental offices found on the third or fourth search results pages are like offices set upright in the garage.

Today’s online users have been honed to believe that those businesses found on the first and, at times, second pages of results are legitimate while the others beyond the two pages are not as legitimate.

People know how Google places the most trusted and valuables websites on the first pages, and the rest are assigned to the remaining pages.

Ranking higher in search results can make your dental practice look as legitimate and trustworthy as it really is.

SEO Improves Your Website’s Quality

SEO requires high-quality features and content to be found on your web pages. Therefore, when you implement a dental SEO technique, your content must be improved and rewritten to offer your site visitors more real value.

You might also want to add features such as a patient portal or the ability to schedule appointments directly on the webpage.

These kinds of features can make your site more valuable and reliable to your visitors’ eyes and, as a result, in the eyes of search engines as well. Thus, such changes not only increase your rank but also make your site more welcoming and useful for humans.

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