Social Media Dental Marketing – How to Get More Patients from It

One of the most vulnerable feelings is to sit in a dentist’s chair while your mouth is wide open. This experience can be downright miserable if you don’t even have an ounce of trust in your dentist.

Social media dental marketing is one of the most powerful means to win over the heart of many patients. The best strategy can turn a potentially uneasy or uncomfortable experience into something that will place trust before anything else.

Below are some things you can do to get more patients out of social media dental marketing:

1. Go to YouTube to Capture More Organic Traffic

Search is the cornerstone of using YouTube for social media marketing for your dental practice. Aside from being the world’s second-biggest search engine, the SERPs of Google often show videos from YouTube for related keywords.

Leverage the powerful SEO potential of YouTube through the production of videos based on relevant and high-value keywords.  With the correct video strategy and keywords, you can capture more organic traffic from prospect patients.

2. Use Instagram to Showcase Your Skills

Use Social Media Platforms

Instagram is a great place for learning from experts and engaging with friends. The best social media dental marketing on Instagram showcases the skills and knowledge of the practice in engaging and visual ways. The key here is the visual aspect. This is not the place for you to write a scientific essay about teeth whitening. Instead, it is the chance for you to show bright smiles transformed by your teeth whitening services.

3. Take Advantage of LinkedIn to Network for Referrals and Recruit New Hires

LinkedIn is a platform where people think of their professional instead of personal lives. While this might be a great place to find your next patient, it remains the best place to recruit new hires and form a network with other practices. The secret here is to post engaging and not promotional content.

4. Make the Most Out of Facebook’s Social Proof

Facebook is an ideal place for engaging with people you know and the communities that they belong to. When you leverage Facebook’s social proof, you can show that your practice is valued in the community and sees it as trustworthy.

However, remember that all communities are not the same, and not all tactics will work for dental practices. Consider your community’s spirit and communicate what sets your practice apart to establish a local reputation on Facebook.

5. Put Your Facebook Ads in Front of the Right Audience

Once you are ready to put your investments in paid ads, Facebook is the perfect place for reaching potential patients. Harness the power of the location-based targeting of Facebook for your ads to be seen by those who live in your local area and will possibly visit your dental office. It helps to narrow your target to a ZIP code for bigger cities.

At the end of the day, make sure you convey the same and consistent message across all your social media channels to support your social media dental marketing efforts. Feel free to check out if you need help with your dental marketing!

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