Tips for Dental Practice SEO – How to Get Ranked

For your dental practice to grow, your website needs more visitors.

Leads or those new patient inquiries coming from search engines are no doubt the most powerful kinds of inquiries next to the word of mouth referrals. This is why it is important to learn a few tips for dental practice SEO.

Develop a Sitemap

See to it that your dental site has a sitemap that lists all pages and their relationships with each other. It makes it easier for search engines to analyze your website content.

Come Up with Quality Content

Keyword-filled content has minimal effects on SEO and won’t be readable for your audience. You might even end up with a penalty from Google. Make it a point to create quality content and organically add one or two keywords a few times.

Create Backlinks

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These backlinks are links from other websites to your website. Cultivate good relationships with site administrators and convince them to add their links to your dental website. Make sure you also include links on your social media accounts.

Do Your Research

Knowing the right keywords to use is always the secret to effective dental practice SEO. Brainstorm a list of prospect keywords and check their competition levels, search volume, and other related metrics.  You might also need to focus on lower and mid-competitive long-tail keywords for your short-term strategy and more competitive keywords for your long-term efforts.

List Your Practice in Directories

There are now many online directories and having your dental website listed with consistent contact details is essential for your local search rankings. It is recommended for you to look for the highest-ranked websites and list your practice on them. Have a strong and solid post-sale strategy that lets your satisfied patients leave their reviews to boost your rankings in local search.

Optimize Your Meta Data

Ensure that all of your target keywords are used in the metadata, content, and title tags for every page of your site. You have to optimize at least one page for every keyword phrase you want to rank for and add more depth through writing more posts complimenting that keyword phrase.

Organize Your Dental Website

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It is a must that your website is intuitive to navigate, easy to use, and clean-looking. You also have to ensure that it gets regular updates in the form of relevant content. It is also imperative for your mobile users to have the finest experience. Dental websites that meet all these basic quality standards tend to have higher search engine rankings.

Use Relevant Keywords

Every time you choose the keywords you will focus on, always think in the same way that a person searching for a dentist thinks. What phrases will they use? What kind of information do they look for? Picking relevant keywords will give you the assurance that your SEO effort won’t go to waste.

SEO won’t make you jump to the first spot overnight. But as long as you do your best, sooner or later, you will get that much-coveted high rank. Feel free to check out if you need help with your dental marketing!

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