Ways to Get New Dental Patients          

A dental practice cannot expect any growth and success without new patients that show interest in their services. These new dental patients are what keep your business going.

While it is good to have existing and loyal patients, it is still a must to expand your patient base and continue to attract more and more new patients each and every time.

To help you out and make things easier for you, here are some ways to get new dental patients.

Perform SEO

Search engine optimization is and will always be essential if your goal is to boost your online visibility and show up on the top of search engine results pages.

There are several methods of SEO for both off-page and on-page. See to it that you stick with the best practices that can help you maintain your website for a long time instead of those quick fixes. There will only be a small number of people who will specifically search for your dental practice.

However, you can still use SEO to increase your rankings in search engines to let more people see you every time they look for a dentist in your local area.

Set Up Your Listing in Google My Business

Google My Business5

You need to fill out the information of your dental practice on Google My Business if you haven’t done so yet. Add location-specific keywords to your business description and ensure that your NAP or name, address, and phone number are listed correctly on the site.

After that, you need to other third-party review websites that may have your NAP listed and make sure that your listings there is a match to the NAP that you have put up on Google.

Dental marketing companies may run local citation audits in order to identify problems. It is a critical step since Google will refer to the rest of your business listings to determine the authenticity of your dental practice. Even the smallest discrepancies in the NAP across the different platforms may have a negative effect on your search rank.

As long as you do it right, this can dramatically increase the chances of ranking well in local search, with your practice showing up in Google local 3-pack every time someone performs a search based on location.

Market to and Engage Even with Existing Patients

This presents you the best chance to promote and analyze your offered medical services to patients. For instance, suppose you are running a general dental practice but some are qualified counselors as well. It is an opportunity for marketing another service that your clinic can offer.

You can engage with patients through social media marketing. This is a wonderful tool that keeps the dialog between the practice and the patient going in between yearly check-ups while helping establish loyalty.

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