What is Inbound Marketing for Dental Practice?

Inbound marketing is not a new concept as it has been officially around ever since 2006, long enough to be considered as an eternity in the time of the internet. However, there is nothing wrong if you are not that familiar with it.

In the most basic terms, with the help of inbound marketing, dental practices can attract more patients.  Its opposite is traditional advertising, wherein advertisers try pulling patients into the course. Inbound marketing is like honey that attracts bees, while traditional advertising is an interruption, just like how ads are played every 7 minutes of your favorite TV show.

Inbound marketing for dental practices is a no-brainer, and here are some of the reasons why:

Inbound Marketing Alters How Dental Practices Sell and How Patients Buy Dental Services

Revenue is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why it is a must for dental practices to have more investments in inbound marketing, as this can help them a lot.

Content is what the internet is all about. Listening, reading, and viewing content is the only thing people do online. This is how patients look for a new dentist.

These days, people no longer want to be sold to. Back in the day, consumers had no choice, but today, the control is in their hands. This means more dramatic challenges and changes for dental practices. This is because, by the time your staff member picks up the phone to pitch about your trial, the patient has already decided on what they want.

This only means that marketing has a direct effect on revenue attribution. This means that patient acquisition and marketing must work closely together to cover the sales funnel effectively.

Inbound Marketing Caters to the Key Priorities of Dental Practices

Generate More Organic Traffic

For the past few years, the top priorities for sales and marketing alike didn’t significantly change. This only shows that inbound marketing will continue to play a significant role in addressing these priorities.

Inbound marketing, for starters, can help drive web traffic. When planned correctly, this will engage leads and customers in the four buying cycle stages, and since lead generation is cheaper, revenue increases as lead acquisition costs are cut down.

When it comes to the patient acquisition perspective, you can increase conversion rates if you personalize content all over the funnel. Social media engagement is also an essential cornerstone of any inbound marketing methodology.

It is a Must for Dental Practices to Invest in Inbound Marketing

The main challenges when it comes to inbound marketing are budget and time. Marketing shows up as a form of expense on a financial statement, and as a business, you want to lower these expenses as much as possible. When things get a bit rough, marketing budgets are among the first to receive a healthy trim.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is a form marathon. This is a significant aspect of inbound marketing. The advantages of organic distribution through social channels and SEO take time. But, if you understand all the critical points mentioned above, there is one conclusion, and that is, content quickly becomes one of the most valuable assets of your dental practice.

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